Is the left side different than the right side CVC axle o...

Is the left side different than the right side CVC axle on a 2004 Dodge ram four-wheel-drive different size and if it Yes how can I tell the difference Mechanic's Assistant: Okay, I'll connect you to the Mechanic to discus...

Is the left side different than the right side CVC axle on a 2004 Dodge ram four-wheel-drive different size and if it Yes how can I tell the difference Mechanic's Assistant: Okay, I'll connect you to the Mechanic to discuss this further with you. Before I do, is there anything else you want him to know? No Just not sure which side the CVC axles go

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Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer. My name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I will do my best to assist you. During this conversation you will be given an automated offer for a phone call. You may accept or decline that offer.I don’t personally offer this service so if you take this another tech may call. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with your vehicle. I will do my best to help you resolve them. Please understand that I do not know your knowledge or capabilities so I may need to ask questions to find out basic information to help solve your specific problem. Is this a 1500 dodge ram 4x4 ?

I do except the phone call
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thanks, \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* to look up a few things ill be right back
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they are both the same size

you're telling me there isn't a difference in them. Because one of The CVC axle is a little bigger than the other oneI am not sure which one goes to the driver side or passenger side. Or did I get the wrong CVC axlesAre you still helping me
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you got the wring axles they are the same size, you want to call the company up who you got them from and see what happened

OK I will do that. Before I do I need to look at the ones I took out of the truck and see if those are the same size.
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sounds good

I also put a 3 inch lift kit on my 2004 Dodge will that have anything to do with the truck making noise when I turn the wheel and rotate the tires. Will I have to change my CVC axle also
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depends on the lift if it doesnt keep the same geometry then yes it can put strain on the axles and wear them out fast, the noise could be that or anything, you want to put it on jackstands and turn while in drive and probe with stethoscope to be sure

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