My car is sputtering and having issues i replaced the thr...

My car is sputtering and having issues i replaced the throttle body control pm my 2010 dodge charger and its still running the same Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Charger yourself? What have you tried so far? Y...

My car is sputtering and having issues i replaced the throttle body control pm my 2010 dodge charger and its still running the same Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Charger yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes and we replaced throttle body control fuel pump and fuel transmitter Mechanic's Assistant: Have you ever replaced the fuel pump, or is this the original? I replaced it

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Hi, my name is\*\*\*\*\*’ve been a technician on Just Answer since 2007 and I'll be helping you today. I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your vehicle. I know how inconvenient car trouble is, but together, we will get your vehicle back up and running quickly. May I ask whom I am chatting with today?

Hi Mike my names jeanette thanks i really appreciate it ready to get it running correctly
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Hi Jeanette, it's nice to meet you Is the check engine light on? Also, what size engine does the car have in it?

It isnt right now but once stalling starts it turns on its a 2010 3.5 dodge charger
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Ok thank you. A lot of the time sputtering is caused by a misfire. This could be a faulty [ignition coil](/topics-ignition-coil-dodge/) or spark plug. With the dodge products, there are sometimes issues with the O2 sensors that can cause this as well. If it's possible to get the code, that would be helpful in that I may be able to provide more details. I think at this point it would be worthwhile to check it for a misfire and see if that's the issue. Otherwise we need a scan tool that can see the live data input from the O2 sensors to see if they are a factor.

Ok i will have to wait for check engine light to come on so i can get the codes for you im just overwhelmed and it's been costly replacing all these parts for it to run the same.
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I can totally understand that, and I am hoping I can help you stop throwing parts at it and hoping for the best. When you get the codes, post them right here. Even if it's next week or something, you reply here and I will get it.

It was fuel cricut high and also the low thats what my brother told meIm waiting for him to send me the codes
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ok, thank you. I'll need them to look up accurate info

Customer attachment 2/2/2021 5:51:18 PM
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Ok, sorry for the delay, I had to do some plowing. This code is part of the fuel level sending unit and will not make the car run rough. If you have this code with the new fuel pump module and the old fuel pump, it's likely a wiring issue or a problem with the fuel gauge. For the running issue, I would check it for vacuum leaks by spraying some carb cleaner along the intake manifold and any other vacuum lines you see. If the idle smooths out, then you have a vacuum leak, if not, then you might be fighting a bad TIPM, it's a common failure on these cars.

What's a tipm?
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That's the totally integrated power module. Fancy lingo for the fuse box under the hood.

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