My 06 Dodge [Ram 1500](/topics-ram-1500/) will not start.

My 06 Dodge [Ram 1500](/topics-ram-1500/) will not start. Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the [battery](/topics-battery-dodge/), particularly the terminal connections? Are they corroded? Battery terminals and cable...

My 06 Dodge [Ram 1500](/topics-ram-1500/) will not start. Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the [battery](/topics-battery-dodge/), particularly the terminal connections? Are they corroded? Battery terminals and cables are good. Replaced the starter and relay. Good charge on the battery, still won't turn over Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Ram 1500 yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes. I jad the new starter tested, it works fine. I have tried ever troubleshooting I can find to no avail Had\*

Automotive Expert
Hello I need a little more information. What motor is in it? 2 or\*\*\*\*\* Any aftermarket alarms? Thanks

4.7L, 2wd, and no factory or aftermarket alarmsI thought the starter relay was under the TIPM, and I replaced it
Automotive Expert
Ok let me check the wiring diagram right quick.
Automotive Expert
Is this the relay you replaced?

When I try to crank it now, I hear a click noise coming from the relay/TIPM area
Automotive Expert
Ok does it click or anything when you turn the key? Try this, press the [brake](/topics-brake-dodge/) down and hold the key in the start position. While holding in the start position move the shifter from park to drive and see if it tries to crank at some point while moving the shifter.

When to turn the key it does click, But that click sounds like it is coming from the tip him/relay areaI tried that too, thinking it was the NSS, still nothingCould I have bought a bad relay
Automotive Expert
Possible, do you still have the old one?

sir, I put the old one back in and still nothingI've checked the wire from the starter to the battery for corrosion or breaks as wellI've checked most of the ground wires near the battery and tipm area as well
Automotive Expert
Ok I have a little diagram of something to try. This will determine if it is a starter circuit or computer circuit problem. Take a small jumper wire and jump pin 1 to pin 2 or pin 3 in my diagram. One or the other should engage the starter. Let me know if it does.
Automotive Expert
This is the connector od rhe starter relay

On it now
Automotive Expert

Do I try to crank it or should it start with Ignition on once I do this

The picture shows 1 to 3 with green jumper wire
Automotive Expert
Your wire is wrong do not turn on the key

Inside the relay it shows 1 2 3 and 4 slots
Automotive Expert
The wire in the top spot will crank the starter when it is placed in the spot on the left if the starter circuit is goodIn your picture the left and right spots jumped together will actuate the starter

Like this

Customer attachment 10/2/2020 6:27:21 PM

Or this
Automotive Expert
the starter should crank when you turn on the key or turn to start. If it cranks turn it off right away

Does not crank
Automotive Expert
Hook it up like the second to last picture not the last one

I tried, Nothing
Automotive Expert
Leave the jumper in the pin closest to the retainer tab and jump the other end of the jumper on the battery positive post.

That workedIt tried to start upI stopped before it could crank, but the crank and fan were turning
Automotive Expert
When you turn the key on does the check engine light come on?

I did not have the key turned on it tried to start without the Ignition being onIgnition is turned to the on position now, Should I try again

If it does crank do I leave the wire in place
Automotive Expert
NoI mean if the engine starts take the wire off

Its trying to crank but will not actually start
Automotive Expert
Ok have a look at the dash and see if when you turn on the key if the engine light comes on.

I have been turning the key to the on position, I have not been trying to key crank it, because once in the On position, it trying to start when I jump itOnce I turn on the key the check engine light comes on, but this it always comes on until the engine startsIt Flashs 10 times indicating that something has been disconnected
Automotive Expert
Ok check fuses 33, 31, 28, and 23 in the tipm. If they are all good then there is an electronic fault in the system somewhere and with scanners won't be able to be fixed like this.

They are all good, damn it
Automotive Expert
Since it wouldn't start even when it is forced to crank that means the computer is not allowing the ignition and fuel system to turn on. Guessing on what is causing that will be a very bad way to try and proceed.

I bought the TIPM from a wrecked dodge 3 years ago, could this be this issue
Automotive Expert
It is possible. As you already know and myself as well I have to rams with them took that they fail miserably. If you feel like trying that then it would be a comfortable suggestion.

I feel like that would be why it won't turn over, best place to buy one.
Automotive Expert is where I got mine from

That the only place I shop, thats where the starter came from
Automotive Expert
Ha two "Rock" heads

I love the magnets you get when you spend over $100
Automotive Expert
Plenty of nice rides

Customer attachment 10/2/2020 7:41:04 PM
Automotive Expert
Coo deal. Thanks and when you get it reply and let me know if it worked.
Automotive Expert
Did the TIPM fix your issue? Thanks

It cost $600 + core for a new one, so I couldn't afford it. I'm considering buying the scantily and software to do it myself. Your thoughtsThe new tipm with core cost $600, so I couldn't afford it. What would a dealership charge to flash it
Automotive Expert
Well if you feel comfortable doing that them go for it. The room doesn't haave to be programmed. So one from a salvage yard will plug in and go. Check to see if you have any pull it yourself salvage yards close by. They are cheap and parts can be exchanged for 30 days. Just a thought.Not room, tipm

That's where the current one came from. Good thought I will try
Automotive Expert
It wouls get you a spare one to exchange at a later date without the truck beimg down if nothing else.

I replaced the tipm, and the truck fired right up!!!. It was the same part number on the tipm, but now the e brake and abs lights are on, is this an issueI have read were of you use a tipm with a different part number, this could happen, but both p/n's were 56049
Automotive Expert
Drive it a few miles and see if it resets. Sometimes the abs needs to see vehicle movement to reset itself.

10-4. Thanks for all your help.
Automotive Expert
No problem

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