Q: Coolant is leaking from the bottom of my car

asked by on June 01, 2017

My radiator started leaking the other day and I found the leak. The only issue is it looks like it was cut. I included a photo of what is leaking fluid. I prefer to fix it myself but have no clue what it's suppose to connect to.


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Hi there. Thanks for the picture. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give us enough data to tell you what line is damaged, where it connects or which coolant lines you’ll have to replace. Your best bet if you wish to complete this service on your own is to purchase a service and repair manual for your 2002 Ford Explorer. This will provide you with a coolant hose schematic, so you can locate the attachment points, know the name of that particular coolant line and have the instructions on how to remove and replace the coolant line. One thing to be aware of is that replacing coolant lines will require you to properly fill the radiator and prime the coolant system, otherwise you risk having air bubbles and creating an overheating issue. If you would like one of our professional mechanics come to your location and complete the coolant line replacement, please click this link.

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