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I was parked on a very steep/oddly angled driveway and when I backed out I went very slowly and came down without bottoming out. However, when I came down my check engine light immediately came on and while driving 10-15 mph through the neighborhood there was a lot of lagging and chugging. I stopped a few times and shut off my car but it kept happening within a 15 minute timeframe. then it stopped and I was able to drive home. I noticed my gas mileage was terrible though. I stopped at O'reilly's to use their free computer tester and it came back with the code "P0010 intake camshaft position/actuator circuit/open bank 1." This happened last night and this morning I started my car and the light was gone but gas mileage still seems off. I've been reading horror stories about mechanics taking 2 and 3 different times to fix this issue and I don't have money to have them not fix it right the first time. Any advice? Thanks!

My car has 68000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

There is a special service campaign from the manufacturer for this problem. Your vehicle may be covered for the repair under service bulletin number 15824-01 dated August 9th 2016. The bulletin covers codes P0010 and P0013 for the intake or exhaust camshaft control solenoids. If you want this verified before taking to the dealer for the repair then contact a mechanic like one from YourMechanic to verify the needed repairs. The bulletin says there will be no charge to customer for the replacement of camshaft solenoids as needed. The dealer may want to do a diagnosis first and charge you but will then repair for free as no charge if this is repair needed.

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