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Hey I had a question about removing the catalytic converter on my 2005 Toyota Camry. I was wondering if removing it would be a simple task like removing the muffler at home with the right tools? If it can be done at home could it possible for you to tell me how to do it? Or should I get it professionally done at a shop? I'm a teenager just getting into the insides of a car. And would love any info about the catalytic converter.

My car has 120000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Brandon. Thanks for contacting us. One thing you’ll discover about cars is that there is a difference of what COULD be done, or SHOULD be done. This is a great example of this. Is it possible to complete a catalytic converter "delete" and many home-based mechanics complete this with cutting tools and a welder. However, this is something that SHOULD NOT be done for multiple reasons. First, the catalytic converter is connected to multiple vehicle monitoring systems, that must all work together to collect data. All of this data is sent to the ECU and impacts the fuel & air mixture and ignition timing. When you remove the catalytic converter, you’re essentially disrupting the overall operation of the ECU. This leads to poor fuel economy, excessive wear of engine components and can lead to overheating problems as well. So, I wouldn’t recommend doing this at home - or having a professional attempt it - as it’s going to create more problems than help. There are some exceptional aftermarket exhaust system that can improve overall engine performance that you can install rather easily.

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