Q: Q: Cars is Cranking but Not starting!

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My wife went to the store a few days ago, when leaving she said she had to crank the car 3 times before it would start. Once she got to the restaurant, the car wouldn't start at all. The car has 1/4 tank of gas in it, fuel pump is humming. There is a high pitch hum under the hood as well while priming. I sprayed starting fluid on the air filter and it started and then died. So I know it's not getting fuel. The fuel relay switch is clicking when I turn key, I pulled it out and it smelled burned and the two larger contacts looked burned. A friend told me to loosen the line on the filter after priming and see if I have pressure but I need advice before I go tearing into this thing. Thank you!

My car has 135000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. If the fuel pump is humming, then it is working. Most likely what happened is the junk in the fuel tank got picked up by the fuel pump and plugged up the fuel system. I recommend putting in at least a half tank of fuel and a can of Sea Foam to break down the trash in the fuel lines and rail. Then see if the fuel system will allow pressurize up and allow the engine to start. You may have to replace any fuel injectors that are damaged from running low on fuel. If you need further assistance with your engine not starting when reaching a low fuel level, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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