Q: Car wont start, rotor on the distributor will not turn.

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Car had a knocking sound or clicking, got it towed. Didn't want to really mess it up. As I was waiting I saw a red hot light like when you pull on a cigarette, they told me it was the fuel injectors, they replaced the fuel injectors, also had the heater core replaced. He then called and said the water pump was leaking, a screw was broken or something. Had him to put new plugs and wires in too. On Thanksgiving they called me to come and get my car, but it wouldn't turn over. His son told me the car didn't have any antifreeze in it at all.

His dad took the distributor cap off & the rotor didn't spin when he tried to start it. So he said it may be the timing chain, got him to do it , called his son today , he says it still won't crank up. Said his dad is still trying to see what it is.

My car has 208500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It is possible that the camshaft gear has sheered off the camshaft and will not turn the distributor shaft. Remove the timing cover and turn the crankshaft and watch the timing chain turn the camshaft. If the distributor is not turning but the camshaft is turning, then pull out the distributor and look at the gears. If the gear on the distributor and the gear on the camshaft is in tack, then the camshaft broke before the gear. To verify this, remove the valve covers and turn the camshaft. If the camshaft is broken, then some valves will not operate and not work. If you see a few valves move and the others not move, then the camshaft is indeed broken. Then replace the camshaft and put the distributor back in where it came out of and try to start the engine. If you need further assistance with your engine not starting, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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