Q: Car won't start up after changing injectors

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So i naught new injectors with four holes instead of one like the old ones. Now when i crank it once it will sorta start then shut off. So now I turn the key once or twice to add pressure then it will crank right up. With the old 1 hole injectors I could crank it without turning the key to add pressure, it would just take very long the crank but it would eventually start. I also used the turning key trick a few times with the old ones. But the old ones never started then shut off. Any way I'm assuming maybe the very cheap electric fuel pump I baught from amazon just sucks and doesn't produce enough fuel pressure for the new four hole injectors. So I'm thinking about replacing it again with a expensive one. The fuel filter is fine. I replaced it like 7 months ago. Before I changed the injectors I car would stall every now and then and sometimes would accelerate even when i floor the gas. It would sorta die on me. And i always had random misfired with new wires cap & rotor&spark plugs

My car has 280000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Thanks for contacting us tonight about your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s starting problems. In most cases, sticking with the OEM replacement parts will produce the best results. This is especially true in regards to fuel pumps and fuel injectors. Based on what you’ve indicated in the question, I would recommend replacing all the fuel injector nozzles with the single-spray OEM fuel injector as well as the original equipment fuel pump. The random misfire issue you’re experience could be related to the different fuel system components being used. If you’d like to have one of our mobile mechanics come to your location to help you diagnose this problem, please let us know.

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