Q: Car starts and then dies, think my ECM is bad.

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Suddenly my car will not start. It will turn over, catch for a second or two then die. The security light is now on (not blinking). The dome light, indicator chime ,and radio do not come on at all. I did get the car to start once after unplugging the PCM and plugging it back in. But the security light was still on and none of the other lights or chimes worked. The radio (factory standard) came on but just said "locked" on the screen. I attempted the security reset process but it did not work. Other then the one time I got it to start I have had no luck starting the car.

Also the one time I did get it to start I was not able drive the car at all. The rear wheel/s seem to be locked and prevented the car from moving. Not sure if that is related to the possible bad PCM or just a faulty e-brake as the "brake" light is also on.

My car has 133333 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. If the security is on and you are not able to shut it off, then there could be a faulty key transponder, security control module, faulty key fob, or the key cylinder has failed. The ECM (computer to the vehicle) may not be defective just because the engine will not start. Most of the time the security control module’s tend to fail causing the security system to stay active even after resetting it. I recommend seeking out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you with your security issue

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