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I turn on the car , go about 3-4 mins into the road at 40mph average and the car is at it's normal temp. After two stops and I'm at another stoplight, the temp gauge goes up to the middle line and a little past it, but once I take off and about 2 mins into the road again it's at normal speed. I have it on parked and let's say about 5 mins into P mode it's starts going up slightly, little less than the 3 line up. I normally before had put antifreeze for two days straight and it worked fine until like two days ago when what I described started happening. I replaced the Radiator Fan, Cooling Fan Replays (Both), Radiator Cap, Flushed it, and changed the thermostat when I got the car at 222,000 miles. I notice the fan goes on at low speed without ac being on, but when it does start going up past the middle line , I cannot hear the high speed go on. I also check the coolant level thru the radiator cap and there isn't any you could see, until I turn on the car, that's when it starts going up

My car has 230000 miles.

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