I know the code but I don't know exactly which component ...

I know the code but I don't know exactly which component it is thats bad. Would he be able to tell my the part as part of the 79.99? ...

I know the code but I don't know exactly which component it is thats bad. Would he be able to tell my the part as part of the 79.99?

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Hello and thank you for using Just Answer my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I will be glad to help you. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle and what fault code do you have?

2013 lincoln mkt. P0087
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That fault could be due to any of the following. Fuel Low Pressure (FLP) Sensor Connector Fuel Low Pressure (FLP) Sensor Wiring Low Pressure Fuel PumpMost likely would be the sensor but I would check for obvious signs of wire damage. If you have access to a digital multimeter and fuel pressure gauge we can do some more in depth diagnosis.

Ok i will have to find a fuel pressure gauge and multimeterWould all this be covered with the cost of $80 for someone to come out.
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I'm sorry, no one comes out. I can walk you through the procedure. If you don't already have the multi meter and pressure gauge, I would recommend replacing the pressure sensor as a starting point. It is a $60 sensor and fairly easy to replace. You will spend much more that that on a fuel pressure gauge and digital multimeter.

Oh ok. Well ill start with the sensor then.Show down the road if I have another issue do I have to go back to the website or do I message here at this number
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This thread will stay open for about a week but then it disappears from my que and I will no longer see your messages

Ok thanks Brian
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You're welcome, have a great night

You too sir
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Thank you for using Just Answer, feel free to respond back if you need more help

Is there any way that I can narrow it down to which sensor it is this car has 2
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What engine is in your car?

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It should be this one

Is that the one on the fuel rail



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