Q: Car jerks and grinds when I turned

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I was at a stop light about to turn left on the freeway ramp and when I went to accelerate the car made a grinding sound from the driver front tire area and was jerking so I immediately pulled over and there was grease all over the wheel well and dripping everywhere. Sat there for a while waiting for someone to come help me and then started the car up and it was fine. Had a slight humming sound on the way home.

My car has 32000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The grease under the wheel well is the key symptom , as this is an indication typically of a torn CV boot and possibly a damaged CV joint. The CV joint is what is attached to the CV axle and turns your front wheels when you are in gear. There is a rubber boot that protects the joint from debris and being damaged. When the boot breaks, (and it happens usually around 80,000 miles or 4 years old) it will spray grease under the wheel well. In some cases, you can avoid damage to the CV joint itself if you have the boot replaced before the joint is damaged. It’s always best to have a professional mechanic complete a car is making a noise inspection to determine if there is any damage elsewhere; as it is possible that the issue is not the CV joint.

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