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My car was making a clicking noise in a drive thru and shortly after when I tried getting onto the freeway it wouldn't allow me to accelerate I pulled over and my engine light was on... my battery light was on and my oil light was on... there was oil in the car I checked and it was put in a week prior. The battery was OK because I could roll down the windows ,turn lights on etc. I tried to start the car and it was making a cranking noise but wouldn't start. A couple days prior I tried to cut my car on and after turning the key it cut off on me 3 times... then finally started. What could this be..?? The kia dealership it is at hasn't looked at it yet because they are soooo busy and it's been there 2 days

My car has 138000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It’s possible that you might have an ignition system component failure, such as a worn out crankshaft position sensor or cam sensor, that will impact the vehicle’s ability to start when you turn the engine over. It’s also possible that a fuel system component like the mass air flow sensor or electrical component to the fuel injectors is faulty. To correctly diagnose this, a professional mechanic should first complete a check engine light inspection, so they can download all the error codes that triggered the warning lights on your dashboard. This will help them diagnose the problem with your Kia and recommend a repair.

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