Q: can someone help me find the parts numbers

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can someone help me with the correct parts number for the rear ac and rear heating line that's a total of 4 lines that are cut just by the rear wheel well. I cant seem to find the correct parts numbers for all 4 lines, 2 heating/coolant, 2 air con. thanx

Ford 12 passenger van e150 year 2006

Parts of this type can only be specified for the customer based on the exact VIN number. There are many part number variables such as build date, body style, and so forth. The parts diagrams are posted on-line though at Ford Parts and if you input your VIN number at that site, you can pick the desired parts right off of the diagram, again all keyed to your specific VIN number. Note that in the case of tube damage, it is possible to replace damaged segments on the vehicle using an inline type flare tool and appropriate connectors. Tubing can be formed in the field, too, to match your requirements. If you request repair on a mobile basis, the responding tech will determine which technique (repair in situ versus replacing a whole line) is best and/or lowest cost while still reliable, and that tech will order the appropriate parts for you, saving you the hassle of poring over the parts diagrams. Also, please note that if an A/C tube has blown out, the system drier must be replaced (it will be saturated with moisture and if left in place will cause problems) and the system compressor oil level will have to be adjusted as explosive loss of refrigerant generally carries away quite a bit of the compressor oil. At any rate, these are all details the tech is set up to handle. If you desire a mobile repair for your issue, please request an A/C and HVAC diagnostic inspection and the responding certified mechanic will get you all fixed up. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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