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Q: Break and Wheel sound

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My car while pressing break makes a jerking effect while coming to complete stop only .I mean I can fell a vibrating effect over my legs . When in making a full extraneous turn of the steering right OR left and squeezing sound is heard . May I know what all needs to be done or changed ,is it going to be costly and alarming change
My car has an automatic transmission.

If the vibration you are feeling is coming from the brake pedal, then your brakes are most likely due for replacement. When brake discs wear, they get thinner. This reduces their ability to handle the heat generated from braking. This warps, or distorts, the rotors which will in turn give you a brake pulsation. It could be due to the front, rear, or all 4 brake rotors. The noise you hear when turning may be the brake pad wear sensor getting closer to making full contact to indicate the brakes are worn. They can be just close enough that turning the wheels makes them close the distance to the rotors and give you that squealing sound. Have a certified technician inspect the brakes to determine exactly what is needed and provide you with an estimate.

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