Q: BMW 3 series vs Audi Q7 (2007)

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I'm a student. I'm planning to either buy a BMW 3 series or Audi Q7, both in 2007 model. The deciding factor is the annual average maintenance costs. Could you educate me about how much it will cost me? Including oil changes and all.

Hi Kamil. Unfortunately, both vehicle’s you’ve chosen are on the higher end of costs for routine service and maintenance. Believe it or not, there are some great cars like Nissan Altima’s, Kia Optima’s or Honda Accords that have significantly improved their performance, styling and handling. Plus, they are much more affordable and easier to maintain. The best tool we have on our website is the maintenance schedule and allow you to look up all recommended service and maintenance for the BMW and Audi you’re looking at buying. You also should look at the estimated cost of maintenance at Edmunds.com.

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