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Q: Battery cells keep dying

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HELP! I am past frustrated!! Heres my "drama". I have just replaced my car battery less than 2 years ago. The battery I had to have replaced tested to have 2 dead cells even though was literally just out of warranty by a couple months. So now the replacement battery I bought is doing the same thing and its a 60 month battery. If I don't start it for 2 days, by the 3rd day its stone dead. I took this battery to be checked at local auto parts store. After they got it fully charged it tested that it was fine. I left it there til the next morning, they checked it again before I took it and had drained overnight from fully charged down to 4v! I have nothing whatsoever that is visible left on that might be causing this. Any suggestions of what could possibly be causing the cells to gradually die?? Any ideas or where to go next?

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The problem is not with the vehicle but the batteries that are defective. I am seeing a lot of batteries on the market that only give 1 year warranty. I thing the other batteries that give more than a year warranty are made with the same process as the less expensive ones. The amount of lead used in the battery and the interior design of the cells all come together to give you a good battery or one that starts shorting out internally in a short time. Once you get your new battery installed then have your charging system checked to see if your system is not over or under charging the battery. All I can say is to by a good quality battery with a good warranty in case it goes bad keep receipt copy in the owners manual so you always have it.

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