My car is misfiring and there’s no power to cylinder 4. W...

My car is misfiring and there’s no power to cylinder 4. We have don’t the spark plugs ignition coil and fuel injectors Mechanic's Assistant: Is the power loss consistent, or does it fluctuate? So it fluctuates while drivi...

My car is misfiring and there’s no power to cylinder 4. We have don’t the spark plugs ignition coil and fuel injectors Mechanic's Assistant: Is the power loss consistent, or does it fluctuate? So it fluctuates while driving and in idle it dies Mechanic's Assistant: What year is your Spark? What is a spark? The plugs Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Spark yourself? What have you tried so far? So my dad is fixing it and he’s work on cars his whole life and has built them. We have replaced the spark plugs and ignition coils and fuel injectors so far

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Hello, my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* to just answer! I will be assisting you with all of your vehicle questions today. I’m really sorry that you’re having this issue and I’m going to help you through it, but please understand that I (respectfully) don't know your skill level or tools you have to assist us to diagnose/repair your vehicle. Also, understand that I can't see, smell, hear or touch the vehicle either, so your patience/understanding is appreciated. Please allow me up to 10 minutes to gather schematics and other pertinent information for this issue. I do not know anything about the fees or charge so please if you have any concerns, direct them to customer service. My aim is to give you the best service possible and to help you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I appreciate your patience and will provide responses as soon as possible. Thank you. **year, make, model, engine size?**

Toyota isis 2006 1800cc
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ok, I just realized this is an Australian vehicle for which we have no information for here in the states. my apologies. I will open this back up to the others

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Hi, I' Ron, a different expert. I’m very sorry that you’re having this issue and together, we will get this figured out. I will need your help too because I can’t see, touch, hear or smell anything that’s going on with your vehicle. We may also require some specialized testing tools in order to assist us in diagnosing the problems due to the complexity of today’s vehicles. JA will offer a phone call to you at an additional fee, it’s your choice. Please be patient with my replies, I reply back in question order received. If I send you an attachment, I will tell you, BUT, you will NOT get it on a phone; you must be on a tablet or PC. Please let me know when you are satisfied with my answers too so we can close out your question. Please get the freeze frame data from the codes that are set as well as MODE 6 misfires data. Check cylinder compression with a gauge and check injector pulse with a noid light. Thanks again and all the best:) Ron Please feel free to text me back if you need any more help. Thanks again and all the best:) Ron

We have tested the wires to cylinder 4 and the computer and the earth wire isn’t getting enough current. So we are now looking at getting a new ecu and re do wiring
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Thanks for the update. Ron

we have learnt it’s not the computer it’s the engine did a air compression test on the cylinder and cylinder 1 is on 75psi and 2&3 are 175 psi and cylinder 4 there is nothing.. what will cause this?
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Jumped timng6or burnt valves. Going on a service call now, be back later on. Thanks again Ron

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