Q: At 60k miles my 2014 Nissan Rogue is needing transmission maintenance, Its sounding like its winding up and the gear shift has loc

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At 60k miles I was warned to get maintenance on my transmission. My gear shift has been locked 3 times and today it will not release from PARK gear. I purchased this car used and have had it less than a year, and the shift lock cap was not on it when I purchased it. This car is passed warranty for transmission or parts and my other option is to trade it in, but I am freshly financed and owe more than the car is valued. Is it worth it to repair or to trade it in?

My car has 65000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The transmission service should definitely be performed based on the age and mileage alone. The CVT transmission life will be greatly extended by maintaining it properly. Not being able to shift it from Park is a separate issue. Modern vehicles are equipped with a Shifter Inter-Lock system for safety reasons. The brake pedal must be pressed to shift from Park. Components of the inter-lock system can be at fault. If for example, the brake light switch does not properly signal that the brake pedal is pressed, the shifter will not move. Also, the inter-lock mechanism itself can be out of adjustment. Other possibilities include the shifter cable and shifter mechanism itself being damaged or out of adjustment. Have the transmission service done as a matter of regular maintenance and have a certified technician look into the shifter not moving from Park to locate the exact cause.

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