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Q: After swapping out the steering column i cannot get the truck to stay running?

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I swapped out the steering column. I have completed the 10 and 30 minute key procedures with no luck. Is there a way o bypass he anti theft system?

I am trying to avoid the tow and shop fees. Thanks.

My car has 185000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. Bypassing the security system can trigger a number of other issues with the vehicle. It is best to resolve the issue with the security system. Typically resetting the system will resolve any issues. Chances are the problem is being caused by an electrical issue. If the wiring done for the ignition is not perfect, the vehicle will trigger a code thinking it has been tampered with. When the computer determines there is an issue, it will cut the power supply to the fuel pump. If you wanted to bypass the system, you would need to supply the pump with power. Again, there are several other sensors and systems tied into these components, and bypassing them is not that simple. It will likely cost you more time and money in the long way to approach it this way. Contact our service department to dispatch a technician to the property.

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