Why doesn’t my car give out cold air? I’ve tried rechargi...

Why doesn’t my car give out cold air? I’ve tried recharging it once but it wouldn’t take the cold air in ...

Why doesn’t my car give out cold air? I’ve tried recharging it once but it wouldn’t take the cold air in

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Ok sure thank you
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There are several things that will cause an AC system not to work. Below is a basic list of what can cause this issue: - Freon leak or overfilled - Electrical issue in the system or controls - Restriction/Debris in the system - Failed AC compressor - Unstable system pressure - Control panel failure - Fuse/power source - Engine overheating - Radiator issue - AC condenser - Evaporator core leak The first step is to measure the pressure in the system using an AC manifold gauge. This will help identify the issue in the system. It could be possible that you overfilled the system. Most AC systems have safeguards to prevent the lines from exploding when the pressure is too high. The system also shuts down when the freon gets too low to prevent system damage.
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If you don't have a solid understanding of AC systems and the proper tools to check the system (AC manifold gauge) then the best option would be to take it to a professional shop for an inspection. Most shops perform an AC check for $30-$50 which is much less than purchasing a set of gauges over $100. But if you do have gauges I can walk you through connecting them to your vehicle and reading the pressures. However, the first thing I would do is confirm the AC compressor clutch is engaging when you turn the AC on. Next, I would test for power at the small wire at the AC clutch to see if you are getting a power signal there. This will help you confirm if the compressor has failed, the clutch has failed or if there is no power getting there. No power could be a failure or by design as the system in not being turned on for a specific reason (i.e. overfilled or underfilled). . Freon should never be added without the appropriate gauges as the system must be at the appropriate level to operate properly. . I’m glad that I was able to answer your question today. My goal is to ensure you receive a 5 STAR experience. Once you’re satisfied with my answer please take the time to rate me 5 stars at the top of your computer screen or by following the link on your phone. These ratings are extremely important to us experts. Tips are never expected by greatly appreciated as they make up a large part of our income. If you have further questions, please request me by using the following link and entering your question into the box. This ensures your questions comes directly to me: [https://www.justanswer.com/car/expert-yourautoinspector/](//www.justanswer.com/car/expert-yourautoinspector/) Thanks again for using Just Answer!!

Okay so I don’t have the set of gauges, so what is the ax compressor clutch?
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That is the electromagnetic piece on the front of the compressor that is pulled in when energized to move the valves inside the compressor when needed and allow it to free spin when not. See link below for detailed description: https://www.cashcarsbuyer.com/ac-compressor-clutch/#:~:text=When%20your%20car's%20AC%20system,attached%20to%20your%20AC%20compressor.&text=It%20makes%20your%20AC%20compressor,of%20your%20entire%20AC%20system.

Sounds good thank you very much
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You're very welcome.

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