Q: About how much does it cost to repair a left front axel that caused my transmission fluid to leak?

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My car won't shift gears and when I took it in they said my axel was bent so bad that is caused my transmission fluid to leak. They didn't want to give me an estiment without looking at it more. Could you give me a ballpark number?

My car has 125000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If the CV axle shaft is truly bent, as apposed to having just damaged CV joints, such damage will typically only happen in a collision. The axle shafts are very thick strong steel and the impact required to bend a shaft like that would have to be very significant. A CV axle for your car is around $100 just for the part. The axle seal is around $10. If the vehicle is not shifting, such could be due to a failed shift solenoid or electronic control, which are not hugely expensive parts. If, however, the failure to shift occurred at the same time that the axle was bent that raises the possibility of collision damage to the transmission, too. To address your concern about the costs, a worst case scenario would be that you need a remanufactured transaxle (transmission plus differential). The complete transaxle for your car costs roughly $2,000. If you want to get a second opinion, and get a more precise idea of what it will cost to restore the vehicle to normal operating condition, I recommend that you request a transmission leak diagnostic. Just keep in mind, though, that "concealed" damage can’t be estimated prior to disassembly. Really, the only way to know for sure what the "exact" cost will be, or what the "upper limit" might be is if, say, you elected to just have the entire transaxle replaced because in that scenario of course all parts would be included anyway and thus there would be no potential for surprises. If there was a collision, though, say with something on the roadway, the mechanic would have to look and see if motor mounts, adjacent suspension components, the wheel bearing, and so forth were possibly damaged. If you request the transmission leak diagnostic, the responding certified mechanic will get this resolved for you and address all your concerns regarding repair strategy and cost. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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