Q: A wire came off headlight bulb harness

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A few weeks ago my headlight stopped working, I had had this issue before and on the same side and knew how to change it. I purchased the bulb and replaced it. I did not touch the bulb. It worked, for 1 day before it was out. Then it would go off and on intermittently until it just now doesn't come on. I went to the advance auto and he said maybe it's a socket. I instead just purchased another bulb thinking maybe it was bad or I did touch it without realizing it. So I got the bulb and when I pulled out the other one, the black wire from the harness came out of the socket. Now my high beams won't work on either side. I didn't even put the new bulb in. How do I fix this?

My car has 85000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Black wires are usually used to indicate it is a ground wire. Without proper ground, the lights will not work. If the wire pulled out for the headlight connector, it may be easier to just replace the headlight socket. Replacement sockets can be found at auto parts stores or through the dealership service department. They generally come with a few inches of wire attached so you can cut the old socket off and connect the new one with ease. The low beam uses an H11 bulb and the high bean uses a 9005 bulb. Even though Saturn dealerships no longer exist, a replacement H11 or 9005 socket can be found at most GM dealerships or auto parts stores. While you can connect the wires with "quick-connectors", the best way to do it would be to solder the wires together and cover them with a weather resistant s heat-shrink wrap. If you are unsure how to do it, have a certified technician replace the headlight bulb socket for you.

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