Q: A clutch can only be changed ? Or Can it be made to work better by servicing ?

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Can a clutch be serviced ? I mean suppose it just started to slip due to the car being driven through a waterlogged road, can it be cleaned/greased/dried or anything like that after opening and putting it back to work better ? Can a transmission fluid flush and change do some better ? This is a question about a manual transmission with hydraulic clutch. Is there something that can be tried out in this case except replacement to make it even a little better so that I can delay changing it ? Asking as it is a huge costing and it started slipping recently and mechanic told that Its like is still there for 15000 miles atleast.

A significant portion of the cost of the repair is the labor to gain physical access to the clutch mechanism (the engine and transmission have to be separated). Therefore, if clutch components are contaminated or worn, once the effort has been expended in gaining access, it is not economic or practical to attempt refurbishment or re-use of many of the parts as upon re-assembly those parts may fail earlier than desired. Most clutches have a release bearing, for instance. Although the bearing may visually appear re-usable it is less risky, and often less costly in the long run, to replace that part once the clutch is out. If the pressure plate is rusty due to water infiltration that might need to be replaced as well and the flywheel surface needs to be carefully measured for runout and the surface examined for damage. The flywheel might need to be re-surfaced or replaced. In no event is friction material re-usable. The bottom line is if the clutch is faulty, every single step (and measurement) specified in the Factory Service Manual has to be performed; there are no short cuts. If you suspect a clutch failure, and such is borne out by a mechanic’s diagnostic, this work can be performed on a mobile basis at your location, thus making it economical. If you desire an inspection to see what, if anything, needs to be done, please schedule via YourMechanic’s clutch diagnostic and inspection service request page. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic.

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