Q: A/c compressor wont stay on.

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Today i noticed that when my a/c compressor was kicking off and on and my engine died in the process. I noticed a week ago that my engine almost died. I got home today and opened my hood with the a/c on and the compressor wasnt running. I started my car a couple times with the a/c on and the comptessor would come on for a second and go back off and not come on again.

My car has 3300 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

There are pressure cut off switches in an a/c system. If the refrigerant charge is "low", the low pressure cut-off switch could make a/c compressor operation erratic or intermittent. In addition, there is the possibility of mechanical failure in the compressor and/or compressor clutch failure. As far as the relationship of this to engine stalling, normally even if the compressor operation is erratic (due, say, to inadequate refrigerant in the system) that would not cause the engine to stall. There is an "idle-up" system that raises engine speed when the a/c system is turned on and it is possible there is a fault there and it is also possible that a mechanical failure (such as resistance to turning) exists in the compressor such that when you turn the a/c on it loads the engine to the point where the engine stalls. Unless your engine is stalling in a circumstance when you do NOT operate the a/c system, I would suggest you request an inoperative a/c system diagnostic. However, if your engine is stalling even when you do not operate the a/c system, you should instead first request an engine stalling diagnostic. Either way, the responding certified mechanic will evaluate the situation and let you know in detail of the required repairs.

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