Q: 99 Saturn loses coolant at slow speeds.gauge goes up when idling.fine when at fast pace for hours.but it stalled while slow down

asked by on August 08, 2017

My 99 Saturn has about 135,000 and began stalling as I slowed down.my coolant leaks when I idle or am in traffic and my Temp gauge goes a bit over half.when I drive faster and steady on highway I'm fine for hours. I never over heated but when I'm driving stop and go I add water daily.i already replaced my water pump and some hose's. I never stalled until a few days ago. I first felt like I was running out of gas on highway but it regained power and got me home. The next day I stalled after 15min of driving as I came to a light.i got it started a few minutes later and this happened until I got home about 2 miles.it starts after being left alone and cool but seems to get a hot engine very fast. I need to get my car back to Ct.where I live and I don't want to get ripped off because I don't live in Mass. Codes I got said crank sensor and cam sensor.air intake manifold....I know some Trip others up.i need help please

Hi Lisa. Thanks for writing in tonight. Generally speaking, the error codes you listed might be the reason for the stalling issues you’re having. Both sensors monitor the engine and make adjustments to ignition timing, so that can cause hard to start or stalling problems. However, it is probably not the source of the coolant leak or engine running hot. It is quite possible that the thermostat housing is damaged, a split coolant hose or even a radiator cap that is faulty is causing the coolant to leak. I would recommend having a professional mechanic from YourMechanic.com come to your location to complete an onsite inspection, so they can isolate the source of your coolant leak and determine why your engine is stalling periodically. Once they do, they can recommend or complete the repairs for you.

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