Q: 2007 accord se, 10 seconds idling before i realized i didn't fill the oil, i always use synthetic oils, how bad is the damage?

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I've always done my own oil changes and have not encountered issues but today... I started changing my oil, drained the pan, tightened the bolt and left for about 15 minutes. I came back and went to reset the oil light, forgetting to put oil back in. I turned on the car but realized my mistake as soon as it fired up, only ran for 5 seconds, 8 tops. I turned it off, filled it up, and then drove it. I'm not hearing any unusual noises but I'm pretty gutted about making a mistake like this. I only changed the oil, not the filter, so there should be about 1 liter of oil still in the car. Where I live, the temperatures drop to below -15 degrees Celsius regularly so my guess is cold starting on a morning still results in a few moments where the car runs without oil... So maybe my mess up was equivalent to 15 cold starts.... i honestly don't know but I'm panicking about the damage I did to the car. It is a 2007 Accord Se with the 2.4L I4 5speed manual. I've run synthetic

My car has 160000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

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