1998 Suburban is getting gas but no fire to start engine ...

Q: 1998 Suburban is getting gas but no fire to start engine all components under hood have been replaced except ignition coil

asked by on June 12, 2017

1998 Suburban is getting gas but no fire to start engine all components under hood have been replaced except ignition coil. after the replacement of the second crankshaft coil pack it started and ran for about 20 minutes then cutoff and stopped getting fire enough to start. this all began at the tire shop i got new tires and shut the truck off i had to get towed home because it stopped getting fire. i did have a little accident a couple of days prior that pushed in my bumper, is there some type of safety shut off?

It sounds like you have an electrical problem of some kind that is disabling the ignition. It is also possible since it has not been replaced that the ignition coil could be causing this issue. Ignition coils often have intermittent failures which will allow them to work properly sometimes but not all the time. If this is the case for your vehicle, I would recommend having the ignition coil replaced. Consider YourMechanic as ignition coils can be replaced from your home or office.

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