Q: I want to find out IF you think it is USUAL to fix a popped timing belt but then just have one problem after another after another

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My car broke down on the highway so I towed it to a mechanic but they said the timing belt popped and to fix it we are looking at a non refundable 900..00. But they say I should just junk my Maxima bc usually even if they fix the timing belt situation ,,,,
Then all kinds of other problems usually just keep coming up then we will do nothing but regret having even invested the 900.. Can you please tell me what you think because I love this car And for the most part has given me NO problems whatsoever. I do NOT know IF the transmission was ever replaced but I doubt it . My husband would have taken care of that but he passed away.

My car has 15000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there:

First off, I’m sorry to hear about your husband. Our thoughts are with you. In regards to the timing belt issue on your Nissan Maxima, the mechanic is slightly correct. When the timing belt breaks inside the motor, it’s very common for other mechanical components to fail including the cam shaft, cylinder head hardware and other really expensive parts. The reason it’s a guess is because it’s impossible to know for certain when the belt broke and what damage has occurred without completely rebuilding the motor. The fact that the mechanic gave you that honest advice is a good indicator that they’re actually looking after your long term best interests; as most shady mechanics would charge you the $900.00, and wait for other damage to occur so they could continue to make money off that issue. Although I’m not there to inspect it myself, i’d tend to agree with the other mechanics opinion. If you end up buying a newer vehicle, make sure to have one of our professional mechanics complete a pre purchase inspection; which will allow us to complete a 150 point safety inspection to ensure you don’t buy a lemon.

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