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I have over 35 years in the automotive industry and have spent my life devoted to repairing cars. I've worked for independent shops as well as Ford and Nissan dealerships. I can perform almost all services and repairs needed by all makes and models. Diagnosing and solving problems is truly my passion and I love applying my skills to your car - no issue is too or too small!





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Buick LeSabre
on July 25

Noe was courteous and professional


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Chevrolet Suburban 1500
on June 21

Noel,was on time this is the first time I had this kinda mechanic they come to my house.New experience watching everything he work on my car. He let me know what it need to fix. I'm looking forward to have him work on my car.

on June 14

Noe is knowlegeable and exacting, and speaks in a plain, non-technical language about his diagnoses. It's refreshing after numerous run-arounds with mechanics who tried to be fancy because they thought I didn't know what they were talking about.

on June 26

Noe was very professional. He came out to see why my car isn't starting and let me know its an electrical issue with the ECU and or wiring. The only bad thing was he wasn't able to determine which exact wire is causing my car not to start due to time. Other than that, he and the appointment were stellar! Very nice, professional, had all of the proper tools, gave my car a full 360 inspection. He communicated on his ETA, I would definitely recommend to a friend, colleague, and family members.

on June 27

Kudos for Noe, He was injured on another job, but still kept our appointment! Professional and very experienced. Get well soon.



Lexus CT200h
on June 16

Noe was great. It started off a little shaky- the work order stated to replace a battery, and was told that he would first inspect to make sure the battery needed replacement, but he seemed like that wasn't communicated to him. I think he may have been a little agitated with that. Anyways, it turned out that the battery did indeed need replacing, as there was 0 electrical power in my car. Since we couldn't use the electronic latch to open the back hatch/door, where the battery is located, he thought that I might have to take it to the dealer. With a little luck and persistence, I ended up in the back area (folding down the back seats), opening some covers and poking around with my finger and found the manual release for the door- yay! Once that was found, everything was smooth sailing.

on May 17

Noe was very easy to work with and very friendly. He got the work done quicker than expected and was very professional. I would recommend him!

on October 17

Noe is great. He actually fixed my very dim dashboard light. The dim light has been troubling me, but I was too lazy to take it to a car mechanics shop. When Noe changed oil. he actually fixed it even though this is not part of the deal. I was so pleasantly surprised - thank you Noe!

on September 30

Noe was awesome! He showed up early, worked diligently, and even inspected a few other things for me that weren't required of him. He identified some severally worn brakes that I needed to replace immediately. Noe is a life saver!!!

on October 04

Noe was very professional and nice. He let me know about my car, but didn't preassure me like a lot of mechanics in the past. He explained things in a way I could easily understand. He was great!

on October 07

Incredible; first rate; that is how I describe both Noe's service, and also the experience overall. This is a gentleman who knows his stuff, is professional, and efficient. I will be back!



Hyundai Sonata
on October 08

Noe was efficient and explained to me exactly what had caused my alternator to fail. He explained his recommendation for future service and didn't pressure me when I said I could do a few of the items myself. He gave me a new quote right away that didn't include what I didn't need. I appreciated his timeliness and knowledge.



Kia Sportage
on October 13

Noe was so friendly and helpful when he came to replace the battery in my car. He didn't waste any time getting to the appointment earlier than needed which was convenient for me. Using YourMechanic for the first time was lovely and so much easier than getting towed to get something simplistic done. I love this service. Thank you Noe!

on August 10

Noe was great! Came on time and took lots of time with me to explain the problem with the car and the options. I had lots of questions, and he was very patient and then did good work! I would highly recommend him.

on December 27

Noe is really professional, he called as soon as he got the old parts removed and explain it to me the problem i was having with the car. very nice and knowledgeable.

on December 28

Arrived early and called me to ask if it was alright to start the work early and I said yes. When my wife had to get her car out of the garage, which was blocked by the vehicle he was working on he quickly picked up all his tools and moved the vehicle so my wife could get to her appointment. He couldn't fix either of the two vehicles he looked at because they needed to be looked at by a muffler shop with special welding tools which he knew he couldn't do, which was greatly appreciated versus trying to fix the vehicles and charge us for a temporary fix.

on December 31

Noe was awesome and expedient! He came on time and was done in under an hour! Definitely would recommend to friends and I'm probably going to be a repeat customer!

on January 31

Noe was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. However, he never told I would be charged for our discussion. Only after the fact I notice I was charged $80 without every agreeing to it. I will not pay for this unagreed charge.

on August 17

I called Noe to replace my brake pads because of noise and over heating. After the inspection and test drive he found the pads were only down 40% and everything else was fine. Noe said this could have happened because I was towing a trailer in hotter than normal weather at the time. Thanks Noe for saving me money and I will call back when I need a mechanic. Kevin

on January 03

Very professional. Noe came earlier than my scheduled time. He did his diagnosis of the car and gave me a quote on the work needed. I'll be scheduling soon to have the work done. As a single mom in s very tight budget I highly recommend this company as you get a reasonable quote for the service that you need. No need to worry that you'll be scammed.

on January 05

I am leaving 4.5 stars rounded up to 5, because Noe really appears to be a skilled mechanic and knows a lot about cars. What is missing for that half star - tire rotation needs sensor resetting on my car, which was not done. Oil change requires oil life % status reset, which I can do easily, but anyways.



Jeep Wrangler
on June 03

Noe finished up quickly, took the time to explain the issues to me, and made a few recommendations for the general health of my vehicle that I could do on my own. Will continue to use Noe's services.

on January 09

Noe was so helpful and personable! He showed up 15 minutes before the scheduled time, was very friendly, professional and courteous the entire time and told me exactly what I would need to do to get my car running again as well as the options I had in moving forward in phases. I would highly recommend Noe to any of my friends or family.

on January 11

Noe was my mechanic and he was not only timely, but earlier than my scheduled time. He was quick, but thorough and professional. I tend to be a bit anxious about car repairs - and, I couldn't have asked for a better experience and a better detailed review of what was going on with my car. Noe was awesome!

on January 13

He was super friendly! It even started raining and he was like, no big deal, it's cool. Whaaattt? He was super fast at putting a new serpentine belt in my car. Made sure I knew to go to the auto parts store and buy a new radiator cap and antifreeze. I will recommend him and "" to everyone I know!

on March 24

Noe was wonderful! I really appreciated his walkthrough at the end of the appoint and his excellent documentation and photos of his process. I really walked away with a better sense of my car's state.

on January 18

He helped me get to the bottom of a problem that he was previously misinformed about. He's very smart, Friendly, and pays attention to detail. And he's not like other mechanics who do everything in their power to take more of your money. I highly recommend.

on January 11

I have only excellent things to say about Noe!! He came to fix the wheel bearings on my Honda Pilot as per requested by another mechanic (not Your Mechanic ). He wanted to make sure that the wheel bearings were the issue so he gave the car a look over and discovered that it wasn't the wheel berring after all that was making this noice but the heat shield hitting the muffler!! Simple quick fix. I am so grateful for the honestly and integrity of Noe. Not only was he incredibly knowledgeable and had the thought to look at other possibilities but to also be honest about it. He is fantastic!!

on January 26

Noe was very professional and knowledgable, and when an inspection revealed additional issues that needed addressing he expressed willingness to accommodate my hectic schedule.


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Ford Explorer
on February 01

Noe Reyes is very knowledgeable, professional and very pleasant to deal with. He made sure I understood what was wrong with my car and what needed to be done. I am very impressed by the quick and prompt service.

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