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Seattle-Tacoma, WA

I have over 35 years in the automotive industry and have spent my life devoted to repairing cars. I've worked for independent shops as well as Ford and Nissan dealerships. I can perform almost all services and repairs needed by all makes and models. Diagnosing and solving problems is truly my passion and I love applying my skills to your car - no issue is too or too small!





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on October 21

Noe was great. He not only fixed my problem, but was able to point out other potential issues



Acura RL
on October 18

This is the first time I have used Your Mechanic, and I will be using them again. Noe was great! The prior appointment he was at went a little longer than expected, but Noe arrived in less than his estimated time and I was kept informed the entire time, via text messages and emails from the company. I was helping out a friend whose car has been sitting in a garage for a few months. After the new battery was installed and I inquired about the clicking sound coming from the car, Noe explained in layman terms what that was and why it was happening. He even stuck around until the clicking sound stopped. This is a great service and I have already been promoting Your Mechanic and Noe Reyes to my coworkers. I will be calling again, hopefully not too soon (no offense Noe ). Thanks again and I will be telling my friends and family about you.

on October 18

Noe was very early to our appointment, but he patiently waited a few minutes until I got home from work to give him the car keys. He had already located my car in my apartment's parking lot and was parked next to it. He got to work immediately, and was done with our diagnosis within the hour. He did a great job explaining to us exactly what he did, and provided us with a quote on what needs to be done. We will be booking him within the next couple weeks to replace our radiator and hoses. Thank you Noe for your excellent service and we look forward to booking you again to fix our car!



Ford Escape
on October 13

He arrived on time. Didn't stop until work completed...showed me the new and old parts. Explained and showed me pictures of work done. Took all old parts and left work area neat and clean. I was very impressed with him and his work ethic. I live in a retirement community and will be posting my praises to everyone on our Facebook to give him a try and your



Lexus IS300
on October 13

Noe was great! Showed up on time! Did the job quickly and clean! Also recommended some preventive maintenance that could be done! I'll definitely use his service again! Thanks again Noe! Kasy

on October 12

Noe arrived right at the scheduled time, let me know once he was here, modified an error with my quoted work quickly, and got right to work all the while being kind, professional, and friendly.

on October 12

Noe was a little early to our appointment, which was greatly appreciated. He was very friendly and went straight to work. Afterwards, he went through photos of what he did, talked about the parts he used and photos detailing work that needed to be done. There was no pressure involved in recommended service and he explained everything thoroughly and with photos. I will definitely use this service and Noe again, and have already recommended this service to colleagues (Noe left about an hour ago). I'm so blown away by how great this service and Noe was.

on October 17

Noe was very nice and professional. He arrived on time and was very efficient, even when he had to run to the store for a different part. During the test drive he pointed out the repairs that he made and a few things that would need to be replaced in the future. I really liked the fact that he discussed the status of my vehicle and was clear to explain that certain repairs would enhance the operation of my Jeep, but were not detrimental. I appreciated his down to earth nature and his mechanical knowledge. I will definitely request him in the future!

on September 27

NOE is awesome! I would definitely recommend NOE to anyone who is in need of assistance with their car. He arrived early; he was extremely knowledgeable; and was pleasant to work with. Immediately I trusted him. And within a matter of minutes he took my car (which had not been driven for nearly 4 years and would not start) and got it running. He identified specific issues that would require additional attention; but also identified those things that were working well and did not need to be addressed at all. I will be requesting NOE specifically for any of my automotive needs in the future. Thank you NOE!



Jeep Cherokee
on September 23

Noe Is very Professional he came with a sense of urgency which I greatly appreciated.... When I have a need for service in the future and my budget allows I will definitely call and get Noe to work on my vehicle again. Thanks NOE Great Job!!!!!

on September 22

Noe was fast, professional, and kind. I always like working with him because he is clear in explaining what he is doing and I trust that he's not going to do things that are necessary.



Scion tC
on September 03

Noe was great! Showed up on time and was very thorough in his inspection and explaining to me what he found. He didn't find any leaks but did find where the oil I was seeing was coming from, old service work that was preformed by the dealer and not completely cleaned up. Noe then went above and beyond and cleaned up what the dealer left. Thank you Noe, and!

on August 30

Noe is the best.... I so appreciate his kindness and expertise. He squeezed me in and worked late to ensure my vehicle was fixed so I could get to work the next day. Thank you Noe. I will always ask for him.

on August 26

Noe arrived right on time, was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and recommended honest services for the future. I knew my brakes were due for a change, and planned on replacing my brake pads and rotors, but Noe said my pads still had plenty of life left (presumably the previous owner replaced the pads but not the rotors). He could have easily convinced me to replace the pads as well, milking a bit more money from me, but his honesty will ensure I use him for future jobs and recommend him to friends.



Nissan Murano
on August 25

Noe, was a very professional gentleman. He even called after a cancelation he had to see if I wanted my car repaired sooner, which was a blessing in disguise for my busy day. A+ mechanic.

on August 17

I called Noe to replace my brake pads because of noise and over heating. After the inspection and test drive he found the pads were only down 40% and everything else was fine. Noe said this could have happened because I was towing a trailer in hotter than normal weather at the time. Thanks Noe for saving me money and I will call back when I need a mechanic. Kevin

on August 10

Noe was great! Came on time and took lots of time with me to explain the problem with the car and the options. I had lots of questions, and he was very patient and then did good work! I would highly recommend him.

on September 27

He was very helpful. Made sure I knew what he was talking about. I will definitely use his expertise again if needed



Jeep Liberty
on August 06

Noe was punctual and very professional. He did an excellent job on replacing my old radiator. Never did I feel like he was trying to upsell services and that made the experience even better. Thanks Noe!

on August 04

Noe was very punctual, he was also very helpful in explaining what was wrong with my car and also in answering questions. Very friendly as well and also honest he wants to make sure that I don't have to do things to my car that don't need done.

on August 02

Noe is friendly, accommodating, professional, and I greatly appreciate that he explained everything clearly, and gave me options on how to move forward with repairs. He is also great at communicating, scheduling, and is very timely. I have continued to book Noe for other repairs.

on August 05

showed up on time, did the work in the time estimated. walked through the new work with me. gave some recommendations for future maintenance. His work is always top notch.

on July 30

Noe is the best mechanic I have had work on any of my cars in Seattle. His dedication, expertise and customer service values are just incredible. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

on December 28

Arrived early and called me to ask if it was alright to start the work early and I said yes. When my wife had to get her car out of the garage, which was blocked by the vehicle he was working on he quickly picked up all his tools and moved the vehicle so my wife could get to her appointment. He couldn't fix either of the two vehicles he looked at because they needed to be looked at by a muffler shop with special welding tools which he knew he couldn't do, which was greatly appreciated versus trying to fix the vehicles and charge us for a temporary fix.

on October 04

Noe was very professional and nice. He let me know about my car, but didn't preassure me like a lot of mechanics in the past. He explained things in a way I could easily understand. He was great!

on October 07

Incredible; first rate; that is how I describe both Noe's service, and also the experience overall. This is a gentleman who knows his stuff, is professional, and efficient. I will be back!



Hyundai Sonata
on October 08

Noe was efficient and explained to me exactly what had caused my alternator to fail. He explained his recommendation for future service and didn't pressure me when I said I could do a few of the items myself. He gave me a new quote right away that didn't include what I didn't need. I appreciated his timeliness and knowledge.



Kia Sportage
on October 13

Noe was so friendly and helpful when he came to replace the battery in my car. He didn't waste any time getting to the appointment earlier than needed which was convenient for me. Using YourMechanic for the first time was lovely and so much easier than getting towed to get something simplistic done. I love this service. Thank you Noe!

on October 17

Noe is great. He actually fixed my very dim dashboard light. The dim light has been troubling me, but I was too lazy to take it to a car mechanics shop. When Noe changed oil. he actually fixed it even though this is not part of the deal. I was so pleasantly surprised - thank you Noe!

on October 21

Noe was an outstanding mechanic. Very friendly, to the point, and efficient. I work in outside sales, so having my car down for any amount of time is very taxing on my career. I will definitely be hiring Noe again, and will be referring all of my friends his way!

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