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Seattle-Tacoma, WA

I have over 35 years in the automotive industry and have spent my life devoted to repairing cars. I've worked for independent shops as well as Ford and Nissan dealerships. I can perform almost all services and repairs needed by all makes and models. Diagnosing and solving problems is truly my passion and I love applying my skills to your car - no issue is too or too small!





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on August 29

Noe arrived on time and was started the work immediately. He was able to complete the work well within the two hour time frame. I would have Noe work on my car again in the future.

on August 09

Noe was wonderful and did fantastic and quick work replacing my brakes the works on all four wheels. He was very knowledgeable and made sure that all the work that was done was truly required and not just an up sale. I would recommend him to all my friends!

on August 31

This was the 2nd time Noe has worked on my SUV and same as the first time, I am very pleased with the work that he has done.


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Chevrolet Suburban 1500
on June 21

Noel,was on time this is the first time I had this kinda mechanic they come to my house.New experience watching everything he work on my car. He let me know what it need to fix. I'm looking forward to have him work on my car.



Kia Sportage
on October 13

Noe was so friendly and helpful when he came to replace the battery in my car. He didn't waste any time getting to the appointment earlier than needed which was convenient for me. Using YourMechanic for the first time was lovely and so much easier than getting towed to get something simplistic done. I love this service. Thank you Noe!

on August 10

Noe was great! Came on time and took lots of time with me to explain the problem with the car and the options. I had lots of questions, and he was very patient and then did good work! I would highly recommend him.

on September 30

Noe was awesome! He showed up early, worked diligently, and even inspected a few other things for me that weren't required of him. He identified some severally worn brakes that I needed to replace immediately. Noe is a life saver!!!

on October 04

Noe was very professional and nice. He let me know about my car, but didn't preassure me like a lot of mechanics in the past. He explained things in a way I could easily understand. He was great!

on October 07

Incredible; first rate; that is how I describe both Noe's service, and also the experience overall. This is a gentleman who knows his stuff, is professional, and efficient. I will be back!



Hyundai Sonata
on October 08

Noe was efficient and explained to me exactly what had caused my alternator to fail. He explained his recommendation for future service and didn't pressure me when I said I could do a few of the items myself. He gave me a new quote right away that didn't include what I didn't need. I appreciated his timeliness and knowledge.

on October 17

Noe is great. He actually fixed my very dim dashboard light. The dim light has been troubling me, but I was too lazy to take it to a car mechanics shop. When Noe changed oil. he actually fixed it even though this is not part of the deal. I was so pleasantly surprised - thank you Noe!

on October 21

Noe was an outstanding mechanic. Very friendly, to the point, and efficient. I work in outside sales, so having my car down for any amount of time is very taxing on my career. I will definitely be hiring Noe again, and will be referring all of my friends his way!



Kia Sorento
on October 23

Noe was really great! He got to my house the same day to give me an inspection and quote. He came back the next morning to fix it and was done in less than an hour. He was super nice as well and I would recommend him to all of my friends!

on October 30

Noe is both knowledgeable and amiable - a rare combination with most mechanics in my experience. I needed new brake pads on both front and rear, as well as rotors. Noe arrived on time and kindly explained I needed new calibers in the front as well. Since he needed more parts than what he prepared for, we ended up rescheduling my appointment for later in the afternoon when the additional parts were ready. Noe arrived even earlier than expected a few hours later and did a fantastic job! I loved working with him. He explained every part of the process and even gave me recommendations for some work I'm looking to do in the near future. This was my first time using Your Mechanic. I got great service, and great value for the money I spent. I will absolutely schedule service with this company in the future, and you bet I will always request Noe if he's available.

on May 13

Noe came after my work day, which was nice, as it didn't interrupt my day at all. I could still do chores around my house while getting my car taken care of. He was clear and helpful in describing to me what was wrong with my car and how to fix it.

on November 04

Noe was my mechanic, I very much recommend him! I do not understand anything about cars and Noe explained what was wrong with my car so that I could understand what was going on. He even let me know about a few services I would need done soon that I wasn't aware of. Noe was very polite, he knew what he was doing, and he worked pretty fast. If I would have taken my car to a regular shop I probably would not have known about the other things wrong with my car and I would have had to wait for a few days to even get it back. YourMechanic is awesome and I definitely suggest asking for Noe.



Ford Focus
on November 06

Noe diagnosed the problem of our car not starting as being caused by a defective alternator. He installed a new alternator, and the car seems to be running okay now (although it's still idling rough). Hopefully this alternator will last longer than the previous one (which was installed by a different mechanic) lasted.

on November 11

Noe was my mechanic today, he changed the oil, the oil filter and rotated the tires. It took less than an hour and he arrived 15 minutes early. He did a full inspection and sent me a detail report explaining the current situation of my car as well as things that I should consider for future maintenance of my car. I really enjoyed the concept that he came to my office and I was able to get the service done while at work, I didn’t have to waste my time going somewhere else. I fully recommend this service to others.



Acura TL
on November 11

Noe showed up early and did a great job with my repair and was very thorough with his inspection. He was very informative and gave notes on what repairs needed to be done and when they need to be done.

on November 13

Noe was awesome and saved me from a $4k mistake! Dealer said he had fixed tge rear differential noe found the problem anyways and said it had not been done. I highly highly recommend doing a preinspection a noe will not steer you wrong!

on May 18

Noe came early to my appointment which was far better than I expected, since being skeptical at first about this whole company. My doubts have been put to rest. Noe came, did a good check up on the fluids and all around for all possible leaks. He didn't offer me any extra services, just simply kept it simple and straight to the point, which is completely different from my past experiences with other local auto repair shops in the area who like to hustle you. Now I have my next appointment scheduled and I hope to leave another good review for Noe's service.

on November 14

I had a great experience with Noe! He arrived on time for my appointment, unfortunately I I had purchased the wrong part for my car, he promptly helped me find where to get the correct part and said he would come back whenever worked best for me...a couple days later after i had purchased the right part, I text him and he made himself available the same day to install it! My car runs great and he gave me great advice on other maintenance that I should have done I the near future. All in all a great experience!

on May 18

Noe was friendly, fast and very knowledgeable. Completed the work, walked through it with me, and even went over some other suggestions of other repairs needed.


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Ford Focus
on November 16

Noe was extremely professional and showed up on time for our appointment. He described exactly what my vehicle required, and provided a very detailed inspection report outlining exactly what my car requires immediately, and what I can put off for a bit. I really appreciated his honesty and personable nature. This is such a better experience than my time last at the Ford Dealership. THANK YOU NOE!

on May 21

Noe has fixed my car and my partners car several times. He's very kind and communicative about what exactly is going on with the cars defects. I'd highly recommend Noe!



Hyundai Sonata
on November 21

Noe was very professional, knowledgable, efficient, and accommodating. He was able to return for the repair two days earlier than originally set and did what he could to get my car back on the road!



Honda Accord
on May 23

Noe arrived on time. He completed the work (starter motor replacement) on time. He answered all my questions after the service. He is a friendly guy, easy to work with.

on December 01

Noe went above and beyond the service I requested (oil change and tire rotation). He gave my car a thorough inspection, and took detailed images of several areas I need to put additional maintenance into. He was fast too - in and out in less than an hour! Thank you Noe for an excellent job!



Toyota Corolla
on December 10

Noe did a wonderful job in analyzing the issue by trying out a complete diagnostics. Suggested the right solution and complete it quickly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend to everyone.



Mercury Milan
on December 13

Noe was very prompt and arrived at the exact time the appointment was booked for. Even though it was dark and cold while he performed the work he was very conscientious and did not rush to complete the job. He seemed to really enjoy working on cars and was very knowledgeable .

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