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31 years


Brake Line


by Robin from La Mirada, CA 90638

James was prompt, efficient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs work done on their vehicle


by Robin from La Mirada, CA 90638

Prompt, quick and professional!

(87 Reviews)
24 years


by Victoria from La Mirada, CA 90638

I’m extremely upset over the overhaul of my Jeep on April 15th. I was under the impression the mechanic checks out the repair service before he sets off to work on the Jeep. I found out by the mechanic working on my Jeep that this is not true. He supplanted the power steering pump without checking the vehicle out. He asked me if another mechanic had come to diagnose the trouble. I told him no. I did not know this was a part of “My Mechanic”. He assured me this was not the case. Evidently, according to the mechanic a wrong part was purchased for the Jeep by “My Mechanic”. He had to pass on my Jeep to go to another job at 1:00 PM. He came back later that evening, I’m assuming with the correct part needed for the Jeep. From there I was told I would need a hose for the steering pump. He told me to call “My Mechanic” in the morning. I followed up with the phone call approximately 7:45 AM the following day. The individual I spoke to, told me not to worry my mechanic would be out today. I attempted to tell him about the hose needed and was cut off very abruptly from finishing what I was instructed by the mechanic As to tell the office what the problem was with having to have a new hose. No one called or showed up to work on my Jeep at all that day! Around 4:30 PM, I received a text message from the mechanic that was working on the Jeep. He inquired, if I had called the office that day. I texted, absolutely first thing in the morning. I was told you would be here to fix my Jeep. He texted really! I did not hear from him again until a few hours after. He texted me, it was going to cost me another $300.00 for the hose and labor. I did not possess an additional $300.00 to fix the Jeep until May 13th. I have no idea what is going on with the Jeep. Why it was not inspected before starting the service work on it. How do I generate the job to be finished on my Jeep on May 13th, as I have no idea what was done to it? Where did the old steering pump go if a new one was set in? It is harder for me to steer now than before it being worked on. This leaves me having to let it sit when street sweeping comes through. As it is nearly impossible for me to turn the steering wheel to move the damn Jeep. I’m very upset about the whole state of affairs. I received no paperwork. But gave him a monetary for working on the Jeep. It was suppose to occupy two hours to complete the job. I have no idea what new part was ordered wrong and that he had to run and get to replace the wrong part ordered. I’m writing this now to your company because I have been so extremely upset over your company’s services, I’ve been lose for speech on the unprofessional of this complete situation. Also, the information listed on the website for my Jeep is not correct. This needs to be corrected. You have the Jeep with not the actual mileage on one description and the other description of the Jeep is not actually correct either. For future checking facts I want this corrected, as I plan to sale it!

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20 years


by Stephanie from Alhambra, CA 91801

I value Kenneth's work! He is very courteous and fixed my car in no time! I would recommend him to friends and family. :) Special thanks again to Kenneth and YourMechanic for such quality customer service and providing awesome mechanics!

by JoAnn from Long Beach, CA 90802

Extremely friendly and polite. Was there ahead of time. Was very informative. Did the job in record time. Found the mechanic I feel I can trust. Thanks Kenneth for giving me trust in a mechanic.

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32 years


by Esther from Tustin, CA 92780

Manuel arrived with a positive attitude, introduced himself, and gave me his card. He quickly began to work on our Jeep that had the check engine light on. He began his diagnostic, assessed the engine section by section and within 15 minutes had discovered what AAMCO could not in the 10 hours they had our vehicle. The PCV hose with a significant hole. He quickly found the part at our local Jeep dealership, and within minutes had replaced the hose and cleared the check engine light. I can't tell you how impressed my husband and I were (and relieved) that we found Your Mechanic. We highly recommend Manuel Sanches and Your Mechanic. They are true to their word and come to you wherever you are. The cost was hundreds of dollars less than quoted by other "professionals." Total cost: $80 for the diagnostic and $22 for the PVC hose compared to over $200 from AAMCO. My husband is looking forward to having his truck worked on next!




by Daniel from Lake Forest, CA 92630

A great and efficient mechanic. Manuel is very professional and will make sure the job is done right.

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38 years


Oil Pressure Sensor
Oil Filter Housing


by Chao from Santa Ana, CA 92706

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the help by Michael. I would definitely recommend YourMechanics.com to my friends, which 20% is due to the easy schedule and fair price by the website, and 80% is for the professional job and great working attitude by Michael! Michael came around 15 min early than we scheduled, did very detailed inspections on my car, and explained each specific item to me. Then, he spent hours working my oil pressure sensor replacement job. During the period, he quickly found the exact issue with my oil pressure switch, which to my point of view could be regarded as another job. Even the time was late, Michael still decided to help me fix the car. Then, he ordered the part and finished job. It was very late when he finished the job, but Michael still checked each part and the car system with his great cautions. If there was the option, I would give him a ten-star evaluation with no hesitation for this great experience with Michael!


by Renee from Anaheim, CA 92804

This was my first experience with your mechanic, and it was a pleasant one. Michael was very informative, and knowledgeable about my vehicle. I will definitely be continuing with this service. Thank you Michael, I will recommend you to others, I now have a mechanic!!!


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37 years


by Bernie from Los Angeles, CA 90028

Good job and great guy. Thanks Reggie. Peace, Bjr

(234 Reviews)
33 years


by Yvonne from La Mirada, CA 90638

Unlike the other lube companies, Kevin didn't try to up sale me. I felt very at ease with the way he explained the workings of my oil in my car,he said "the oil was it's life's blood" and that i understood. He also pointed out a few other things that I had no idea that was going on just a spot of oil here and one there,caused by a leaking oil filter, that was it. Another place said it would be a few hundred dollars to repair. Thank You Kevin and Your Mechanic

(30 Reviews)
33 years
by Jean-Michel from La Mirada, CA 90638

Very knowledgeable and professional

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What makes the check engine light come on?
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