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Nicholas at YourMechanic


(354 Reviews)
21 years


by Latrese from Aurora, CO 80013

Nicholas was very professional, showed up on time and made sure I understood how long things would take, what was going to be done and recommendations for future work. I'll definitely use him again!!

Wesley at YourMechanic


(277 Reviews)
16 years


by David from Aurora, CO 80013

Wesley was wonderful. He arrived early and went to work. Went thru all the tasks of finding out why my car was not starting. Once found he explained it to me what the problem was as. He also went and got a quote on how much it would cost if I was to get my starter replaced. Wesley also told me of a few items that would need replacing in the future from the inspection he did. I would highly recommend this service and mostly Wesley as Your Mechanic.

Jared at YourMechanic


(35 Reviews)
21 years




by David from Aurora, CO 80013

Jared arrived promptly and went to work on my car. I did bug him a few times with questions which he took the time to explain things to me. Jared is quite knowledgeable about cars and was very respectful. He quickly went to work and fixed my starter problem before my hour was up. Once he was completed he then troubleshooted why my are would crank over but not start. 2 mins later he round that my PCM fuse was popped due to disconnecting the battery. Once i swapped it out the Car started with no problems. Thanks for informing me that my 02 sensor wires were chewed on and that my upper radiator hose needs to be replaced.. I love the service that Jared gave and the way that your mechanic doesn't rip people off on repairs. This repair would have costed me 400 to 600 bucks at the local auto shops in my area.

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Answers to common Mitsubishi questions

Vehicle overheating.
Answered by Jay
Hi there. This is a common problem. It is likely that a cooling system thermostat got stuck closed causing low flow through the cooling system and requires that it get replaced. It is also possible that there is a radiator...
I have to tap the gas pedal to get my car started.
Answered by Andrew
This could possibly be an issue with your Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor or MAP sensor. This sensor monitors the pressure inside the engines intake manifold. This pressure changes when the throttle is depressed. Perhaps the sensor is only reading a...
Car only starts when I pump the gas pedal.
Answered by Rocco
From this description it seems that there could be separate issues happening to your Mitsubishi Eclipse. The three most common reasons I see for a car unable to start without pushing the gas pedal include; the throttle body gasket may...
Engine shaking and knocking after spark plug replacement.
Answered by Andrew
This sounds to me like the cylinder head has been severely damaged. If the burn of the coil and spark plug started on the plug end this would mean that combustion chamber temperatures from inside the engine were allowed past...

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