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Wesley at YourMechanic


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16 years


by Arlington from Aurora, CO 80013

Wesley was knowledgeable and professional when servicing my vehicle. I would definitely recommend this service to others based on this experience.


by Arlington from Aurora, CO 80013

Overall would not deal with this again. The convience I thought this service offered was not met. A job that required only 4hrs my car delivered at 9a I got it back in my possession 530p with in attitude like I should be thankful for the service. What more? The guy thought after finally delivering my vehicle I would drive him back to his home across town. Rush hour traffic to boot with my 650$ bill. Lol to and on me. And I couldn't have gone or taken my business to a shop for that convience and price. Well live learn and never do again. You guys made bout $700 off me.. PROBABLY LOST 10 times that in future revenue I could of recommend for your business.

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Car remote malfunctioning.
Answered by Michael
Hi there! Keyless entry systems are wonderful when they work properly, and very frustrating when they malfunction. If your Keypad were still functioning, we would look to your keyfob as a likely suspect. However, seeing as how the Keypad is...
Car shaking and dying
Answered by Jerel
The battery will drain quickly when continually trying to start the engine, if the engine doesn't run long enough for the alternator to keep the charge of the battery. The stalling may come from an issue with air metering, or...
Ignition coil needs replacing
Answered by Ferdinand
Hi there. A misfire in an engine can be due to a faulty ignition coil, spark plus, distributor, or spark plug wires. Have a mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, run a diagnostic check on the misfiring issue (https://www.yourmechanic.com/services/engine-is-misfiring-inspection) to...
Car sometimes dies when stopped
Answered by Rocco
An intermittently stalling car can make vulnerable when on the road during stop and go traffic. It is best to have this concern with your Lincoln Town Car addressed sooner rather than later as I see this as a big...

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