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Joshua at YourMechanic


(702 Reviews)
29 years


Brake Pads


by Kenice from Alamo, CA 94507

Josh knows his automobiles. He is friendly & professional & works quickly & I trust him completely with my truck (which, BTW, I LOVE). My truck ALWAYS runs better after Josh works on it.

Frederick at YourMechanic


(54 Reviews)
18 years


Car AC Repair


by Kenice from Alamo, CA 94507

I asked that the truck I wanted worked on be charged w/ Freon to make the AC work. Fred did so & it worked fine. I also asked him to take a look at the transmission because it seemed to delay in shifting. He said it was overfilled, however, he did not have the instrument with him to take out the overfilled amount of fluid & I could make another apptmt to have him do that. Would U please have whomever stocks your mechanics' trucks to include that piece of equipment because making another apptmt in some busy people's lives is an inconvenience in that U have to be at home waiting for someone to show up a SECOND time to complete the original problems & some people just don't have that kind of time. All in all, Fred was a VERY nice man, seemed very knowledgeable, & fixed our truck's AC problem. I decided against making a second apptmt & to just let the transmission stay as it is. Like I told Fred, "Well, at least it's not UNDERfilled....that's more troublesome."

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Heater stopped working, where’s the problem?
Answered by Derek
The best solution for this issue is to replace your Heater, Vent and A/C (HVAC) housing. A little explanation is needed here. Inside that housing are several doors that direct airflow, either through the heater core or evaporator, as well...
Clicking noise in the engine, been going on for a while
Answered by Derek
Your truck most likely has an internal engine issue that is just starting to present itself. Abnormal noises, whether from your refrigerator, engine or even your plumbing can be an indication that repairs are needed. In the case of your...
Truck stalls out when driving
Answered by Derek
Stalling issues can be not only dangerous but nerve racking, as they can be often hard to predict. There are many possible causes, and to help the technicians narrow down the cause, it is recommended to track the time, temperature...
Headlights go out randomly, will come back on after
Answered by Derek
As silly as it sounds, the issue is most likely caused by an intermittent failure in your Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM). Of course it’s important to have the circuit and connections checked, but the TIPM is the most common...

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