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551 Reviews; 39 years of experience
Very happy with Peter. He didn't just go ahead with what was scheduled, when he noticed something else more serious. He did a thorough check engine light diagnosis and gave us a new estimate, showing me everything and explaining it so even I could understand. By doing this he saved us a bunch of money because the labor for today's job is included in the more serious job that is needed.
Avondale, AZ
January 14
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16 Reviews; 13 years of experience
Dayan is the most professional mechanic I've met and seen work in my years as a driver. He brought all necessary equipment to get the job done including his own lighting. I highly recommend him for any job as he showed proffresionalism, efficiency, and extreme car on my vehicle.
Miami Beach, FL
January 8
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122 Reviews; 11 years of experience
Chris showed up on time and ready to work. He was knowledgeable about the pre purchase inspection and had done research into the car I was looking at. I would use him again.
San Diego, CA
December 13
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Fast and easy Porsche 718 Cayman services at your home or office.

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Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee

Answers to common Porsche 718 Cayman questions

Q: Had to manually unlock car & key stuck in ignition
Answered by Spencer
A few different things can cause the vehicle to respond this way. The reason why the key is stuck in the ignition is probably due to the steering wheel being locked. When the steering wheel is locked it does not...
Q: Backfire
Answered by Tim
Hi there; In most cases a backfire issue occurs (https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/what-causes-a-car-to-backfire) because the air to fuel ratio is too rich, the timing is off (which you've checked) or the spark plug tips have excess carbon build-up (which you've also replaced). Typically...
Q: I want to buy a 2000 Porsche boxster but im scared about the ims going out how can i prevent that?
Answered by Ronny
The majority of intermediate shaft failures is caused by debris getting into the bearings. Opinions vary but I'm of the opinion that if you want to prolong the life of that bearing as well as the entire engine, DO NOT...
Q: 1990 Porsche 944, starts well, shuts off after a few minutes
Answered by Jerel
After checking for the proper fuel pressure, have an experienced technician inspect the ignition systems, crankshaft position sensor (https://www.yourmechanic.com/services/crankshaft-position-sensor-replacement) and distributor pickup coils. A malfunction here will cause a stall, as these devices help the computer determine when to send...

Fast and easy Porsche 718 Cayman services at your home or office.

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Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee

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Yourmechanic.com is a woman's prayered answered. My stress was zero. I didn't have to drop off the car and wait for an outrageous quote from the corner mechanic. I was able to schedule and know the price immediately. I will use yourmechanic.com from now on. If you are in the Las Vegas area. I recommend requesting Scott Franklin. He goes above and beyond customer service.

Paul did a good job fixing my car quickly. He also got a accurate diagnostic of my car's isues.

David was knowledgeable, professional and thorough. I will have David do all my future car repairs.

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