How to Prepare for the Indiana Driver’s Written Test

If you are looking forward to finally getting your driver’s license, you might not be quite as excited about the need to take a written test before you can get your permit. Many people do not like the thought of written tests, and they worry that they will not perform well on test day. The state needs to know that you are going to be safe when you are on the road and that you have the knowledge needed to drive responsibly, and a written test is the best way to gauge your level of readiness. As long as you take the time to prepare for your Indiana driver’s written test, you should not have any trouble passing it. Let’s consider some of the best prep tips to help you get ready.

The driver’s manual

The Indiana Driver’s Manual from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles is available in several different PDF parts, all of which are easy to download. You can keep them on your computer, or you could put them on your phone, e-reader, or tablet if you prefer. In addition to the written manual, they also have an audio version that you can listen to right on their site.

The manual, whether it is written or audio, provide you with information you need to pass your test. You can find information about the traffic laws and parking laws, as well as safety and road signs. Reading and studying the manual is an important part of your preparation, but there are some other things you want to do as well.

Online tests

One of the best ways to practice your knowledge and see just how much you’ve learned from the manual is to take online tests. Taking these tests will help you get a better idea of what you do and don’t know, and how much more work you will have to put in before you are ready for the actual exam. DMV Written Test offers several practice tests that you can take. The tests have 34 multiple choice questions, as well as 16 sign identification questions. You are only able to miss six of the regular questions and two of the sign questions to pass.

Get an app

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to prep for the driver’s written exam. Consider getting an app for your phone or tablet that can test you and provide you with the information you need to do well on the test. There are a number of options for the different devices on the market. Some of the options you might want to consider include Drivers Ed app and DMV Permit Test. Use the tests to gauge your knowledge and to improve it.

A final tip

It is important that you do not rush through your test. Take your time and read everything thoroughly. The state isn’t trying to trick you with the questions, but if you don’t read carefully, it is easy to make a mistake. Go slow, use your acquired knowledge, and pass the test.

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