How Much Does a Mechanic Make in Arizona?

Pursuing an automotive technician job in Arizona is a wise choice. After all, everyone needs to get around, and working on cars and trucks ensures ongoing employment. If you are curious about what you will make as someone working in one of the mechanic jobs in Arizona, you should know that it will vary. Nationally, mechanics earn from $31k to over $41k, but the earnings in Arizona are not the same.

What will you make as a mechanic in Arizona? The median income is around $36k, but the highest earners are bringing in around $60k per year. Naturally, the differences come from where the mechanic works, how much training they have, and whether they have gotten any certifications or specialized training. Sadly, even the greatest mechanics won't earn a lot if they don't have certification and proven skills. This is why you will want to look for an automotive technician job, but first get auto mechanic training.

Training increases earning potential in Arizona

If you are hoping to take in the highest salary possible from one of the auto mechanic jobs in Arizona, you have to have at least some basic certifications and then build upon them with training. Currently, there are almost 30 schools in the state of Arizona where you can become a skilled automotive technician or mechanic. For example, the four-year Arizona Automotive Institute provides one of the most extensive educations and comes with huge earning potential.

However, don't overlook the six-month certification programs through most of the community colleges. Enrolling in any of these programs lets you to begin to build your level of knowledge in auto repair and maintenance.

Of course, the longer the program, the greater your financial potential. This is because all employers see specialized and in-depth education, knowledge and skills as highly valuable. Particularly important are certifications through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, also known as ASE certifications.

These can be done through an employer or independently, and focus on nine specific areas that include brakes, engine repair, heating and air conditioning, manual drivetrain and axles, suspension, steering, electrical systems, engine performance, light vehicle diesel engines and automatic transmissions for light cars and trucks. Passing them brings certifications, and when all nine are done, you are a Master Mechanic, with high earning potential.

Training in a technical school outside of Arizona

You can also obtain training outside of Arizona, including vocational and trade schools offering many classes. Many colleges do as well, and formal mechanic's schools can provide the most focused and specialized training. They ensure that your learning enables you to get auto mechanic jobs immediately.

Blending classroom, online and hands-on learning, they are another great way to increase your pay in Arizona. One of the top school for many mechanics and technicians is UTI Universal Technical Institute.

They offer a 51-week program that provides automotive technology training, and which is one year of your two-year requirement for Master Mechanic status. They also make Manufacturer Specific Advanced Training available. This allows students to get factory-authorized for leading manufacturers such as Porsche, Ford, Mercedes and more. Participating in such programs can be done with the sponsorship of an Arizona auto dealer or independently, and will boost earnings as well.

To earn the most as a mechanic in Arizona, get the best training and certification, and specialize if you have an interest in a specific manufacturer, as these steps bring the highest auto mechanic salary.

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