How to Test for ASE Master Certification

If you’re looking for automotive technician jobs that pay more money, one solution is to simply invest in your own education. By becoming dealership certified in a particular manufacturer, you’ll be a specialist who will enjoy a much easier time finding work. However, even better automotive technician jobs are available for those who are really willing to put in the time and effort to push themselves to a higher level. While becoming a Master Technician is not easy – and can take well over five years – you’ll understand automobiles so well that you’ll be sought after by dealerships and well compensated for all your hard work.

Getting certified by ASE

While there are all kinds of organizations out there that can train you to become a better technician, ASE (National Institute for Automotive Excellence) is the auto mechanic school we recommend above all. Their reputation is unrivaled, with a history that goes back to 1972. Since that time, countless mechanics have graduated from their programs and found better work because of it.

No matter where you go looking for automotive tech jobs, the interviewer will have heard of ASE and respect that you went through their Master Technician certification process.

This isn’t something you can just apply for, though. As we mentioned above, most mechanics in your shoes will spend years working toward this achievement. If you have never held any automotive technician jobs before and are simply hoping that you can secure this certification and jump the line, so to speak, that just isn’t going to happen.

For one thing, ASE won’t even consider you if you can’t prove you have two years, at a minimum, of relevant real-world experience working as a mechanic. Secondly, you will have a very difficult time getting through the tests if you’ve never worked on all different types of vehicles with various problems.

ASE master certification test series

To earn your Master Technician status – and the improved auto mechanic salary that will come with it – you need to pass a combination of six series of tests. Each series has at least three tests in it for a total of roughly 34 (some tests may not be necessary depending on unique circumstances).

The series are:

  • Automobile
  • Collision Repair
  • Medium-Heavy Truck
  • School Bus
  • Transit Bus
  • Truck Equipment

For those who are interested in acquiring their Master Medium-Heavy Vehicle Technician status, all it takes is any mix of the tests from that series to become certified. There are similar certifications for those who prefer school buses or transit buses.

You can only do one or the other, though. ASE will not allow anyone to earn a Master Technician certification and then go on to do the same for Master Medium-Heavy Vehicle Technician certification too. This makes sure that the there is enough room for everyone to take tests and that demand remains high for each certification by employers.

Recertification tests in the future

In any case, once you pass the necessary tests, you’ll receive your certification. However, you must go through and become re-certified again every five years. Should one of your mandatory certifications expire, ASE will strip you of your Master Technician status. Fortunately, you can get it back by passing the Recertification Tests. There is also no time limit for how long you have to do this. Therefore, if your Master Certification status lapses and, for whatever reason, you can’t test again for 10 years, that’s not a problem. Just retest, pass and get your status back.

ASE provides a great opportunity for mechanics to improve their abilities and, in the process, draw bigger paychecks for their work. If you’re a technician who is looking for an opportunity to move up, the non-profit organization has over 50 certifications you can test for. Among them, the ASE Master Certification is the most well-respected. If you have two years of experience and the time to prepare, it would definitely be worth working toward this achievement ASAP.

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