5 Best Mileage-Tracking Apps

Keeping tabs on driving expenses can become difficult, especially if the driver needs to manually record all their miles. Anyone who lists themselves as a driver on their resume, or someone who frequently drives to different job sites, may rely on mileage trackers to save on expenses. These days, most mileage trackers have moved to apps.

App operations provide drivers with optimal mobility for the mobile service they offer, including flexible schedules and the opportunity to make extra money depending on driving locations.

Drivers will want to track their mileage every time they drive for business — especially in the United States. For example, for every mile driven, rideshare drivers can deduct $0.54 from their taxable income, which can add up quickly if someone drives full time. Tracking mileage also helps with monitoring profit margins and extra expenses. Other driving positions, such as delivery drivers, construction workers going to job sites, or even couriers are eligible for certain deductions as well.

Below, we’ll take a look at the 5 best mileage-tracking apps. These were chosen based on general accuracy, user-friendliness, and tax simplification. Mileage-tracking apps benefit those who drive for a company or are self-employed. Many of these apps can be used for general expense tracking in day-to-day life.

1. Hurdlr

Hurdlr offers a free mileage tracking app that provides users with accurate mileage. It even includes an AI-driven “smart rule” feature that lets users set rules to automatically track both expenses and mileage, and begins its tracking once a speed of 10mph is reached. Drivers can select 3 options for tracking:

  1. Fully Automatic: Fully automatic tracking will record all drives — the driver only needs to swipe to mark them as business or personal. The driver can also set rules and work hours to start tracking miles regularly.
  2. Semi-Automatic: The semi-automatic function tracks mileage when directed by the user and tags all drives as business.
  3. Manual: Manual tracking allows users to manually enter trips. Those used to manually tracking mileage on their own often choose this option.

Hurdlr incorporates comprehensive reports on tax filing data to make compiling deductible mileage simple. It operates with TaxSlayer to make filing easy with a copy/paste function. On average, Hurdlr users save $5600 on taxes by noting all their qualifiable deductions.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android with payable upgrade options.

2. Stride Tax

Stride Tax tracks mileage and other expenses when running in the background during driving sessions. It starts and stops cataloging mileage with the press of a button, or, in some versions, automatically. It also lets you upload receipts for additional expenses. Plus, its map provides clear visual representations of routes completed and mileage recorded.

Stride Tax works well for logging all relevant business deductibles. It even comes with pre-loaded categories for specific types of drivers. It will show exactly which expenses rideshare drivers, for example, can deduct.

StrideTax will provide you with an IRS-ready tax report for simple, fast, and efficient filing. With all expenses tracked, it will show you new ways to lower your tax bill.

Cost: Completely free on iOS and Android.

3. TripLog

The TripLog app tracks mileage and helps differentiate between business and personal trips. It also lets drivers take pictures of additional expenses, like fuel, parking, repairs, and even a company credit card, to stay on top of those payments as well.

TripLog includes various tracking options, such Bluetooth tracking, TripLog Beacon, MagicTrip, PlugNGo, and OBD II. Different auto-tracking options allow the app to run in the background of a smartphone and track mileage without constant input from the driver.

TripLog’s system is designed to track mileage with deductions in mind. It adds updated mileage rates to all trips and calculates the cost of savings. TripLog also allows for easy integration with accounting software, as well as TripLog for Accountants. App users can give their accountants access to TripLog’s gathered data for aid in calculating tax deductions.

Cost Free for manual tracking with payable upgrades for automatic options. Available for iOS and Android.

4. MileIQ

Users don’t need to worry about pausing to jot down their mileage. MileIQ provides automatic mileage tracking by running in the background and comes with a “swipe right” function to classify business drives. It also allows drivers to calculate extra payments, like parking and tolls.

MileIQ also comes with a weekly report feature that lets you see how your mileage adds up. It’s customizable too, so drivers can include a variety of useful data.

MileIQ can potentially save drivers significant money during tax season by making it easy to track, log, and report mileage for tax deductibles. The app itself will send you reminders to mark business drives and allow you to send yourself copies of reports with a few clicks.

Cost: Free for 40 drives every month on Apple and Android devices with payable upgrade options.

5. SherpaShare

Designed specifically for rideshare drivers, SherpaShare helps users track mileage, manage expenses, and increase revenue. Drivers can easily catalog personal and business-related mileage, and upload photos of receipts for gas, parking, and other expenses.

Since it’s built for Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare drivers, SherpaShare includes tools for maximizing profits and reaching riders in areas in need of service. It also features a driver-to-driver chat room to boost community help and interaction.

Tax-deductible expenses are easily recorded within SherpaShare. Drivers can easily access their reports in the app or its corresponding web dashboard. Holding all deductible information in one spot makes generating IRS-compliant reports and importing them simple.

Cost: Free trial, but costs $4.99 to $10 a month depending on plan option. Available for iOS and Android.

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