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Q: Zero oil pressure

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I was driving on the highway, took an interchange a little sharply to the right, and my truck completely lost oil pressure. I exited, shut the truck off and checked for leaks. There was no overheating, and I found no leaking. I started the truck and had normal oil pressure, but I noticed faint bouncing in the gauge. The oil was full six days ago and showed good on the stick when warm, no engine noise, little pop to the exhaust when revved. I'm not noticing a smell. I checked the oil once it cooled, no loss. I started the truck and oil pressure while stable when cold, but bounced again once warm.

My car has 104456 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It is possible you have an oil pressure problem with the oil pump or the oil sending unit erratic output. The oil pressure should be tested with a manual gauge to see if pressures are good and steady or erratic indicating oil pump needs replaced due to sticking pressure relief valve in pump. If pressures are with in specifications then replace the fuel pressure sensor and retest system.

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