Q: Wobbling or vibrating noise from the front

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I have a 2007 Ford focus automatic transmission with 120,000 miles on it. I have been hearing a wobbling type noise that speeds up as I drive faster and it's coming from the front or front left area. I hear it at speeds between 20-50mph+. The sound continues no matter if I'm pressing the gas or not and it also continues even when I press the breaks. I can sort of feel a slight vibration from the floor or pedal like it's coming through the wheels or something. It's not a warped rotor, I would know what that feels like. The tread on the tires look fine, but a side note is that I did have them rebalanced and rotated 2 months ago. The sound also has nothing to do with turning because it remains continuous regardless. Another side note is that I did have my front right wheel bearing assembly replaced. When the wheel bearing went bad it sounded like a low hum but this sounds more like a repetive thump or wobble. Hopefully you can point me in the right direction.

Hi there. Diagnosing a vibration sound is very difficult to do remotely, which is why most mechanics will test drive your vehicle first to attempt to replicate the sound you’re experiencing. However, in most cases, the type of sound you’re describing is an indication of a CV joint that is worn out, or internal transmission components. This is very common on Ford Focus vehicles built from 2007 till 2013. You should have one of or mobile mechanics come to your location and complete an inspection to determine what is causing this problem.

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