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Q: When to replace clutch?

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Hi, I don't really know much about clutches or cars in general, so i apologize in advance if I get the terms wrong.
I drive a manual 2007 Corolla with about 125,000 miles. At about 122-123000 miles, I noticed that the clutch started "riding high". Now, I'm not really sure if that the correct term, but basically whats happening is that when I accelerate, the rpm of the engine goes much higher than normal. I can't get nearly as much power out as usual, and really have trouble going up hills. I believe that my clutch is self-adjusting, so my question is, what is causing this? and what can I do to fix the car? (whether it be getting a new transmission, or something else).

I would really appreciate any suggestions!

Your description sounds like normal clutch wear. The clutch disc has friction material similar to brake pads. When that material wears, the self-adjuster makes sure it remains the same distance from the flywheel and pressure plate. Once the clutch disc is worn to a certain point, it can no longer provide the grip needed to transmit engine power via the flywheel, to the transmission. So when you see your revs are higher than the speed of the car would indicate, the clutch is slipping. 120,000+ miles is a very good lifespan for a clutch. I have seen some go longer but I’ve seen many not go nearly that far. It’s time to take it to a local repair facility capable of removing the transmission to replace the clutch assembly and any related components.

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