Q: When I speed up my service engine light flashes.

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Hey it's kidus, I bought a g35x Infiniti around last month my car was working fine and everything, last time while I was driving my service engine light started flashing as I speed up, when I drive 50km/hr it doesn't flash but when I speed up a little more it will start flashing it been doing that for at least 2 weeks now, I took it to the mechanic and they found "p0300" code and they said it's a random misfire but they don't really know what's causing the problem it got worse and worse now the light even flashes at 20km/hr one day when I was driving in a hill my car lost power I had to push the gas pedal really hard but it won't go up it's kept making some weird noise underneath the car and from the engine so Finally I took it to the Infiniti dealer and they didn't check my car yet but I'm just worried.

My car has 168000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. If you engine is having a P0300 code for a random misfire, check the camshaft position sensor for any moisture and if the harness has any broken wires. If the sensor looks to be good, then remove the sensor and pass a metal object in front of the magnet and check with a ohm meter to see if the sensor is making connections or not. If it does not make a connection, then the camshaft position sensor needs replaced.

For the noise that is heard, that could be the engine’s random misfire and cause backfire conditions in the exhaust around the lower portion of the engine or the timing of the engine (mechanically) could be off. If you need further assistance with a random misfire, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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