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Q: I spun on some ice. Now my car doesn't seem to have any oil pressure.

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Its was acting completely fine, till i go to get on the highway and lost control "black ice" and spun out as i try to start the car back up it wouldnt and noticed it has no oil pressure at all and when i finally do get it started i hear a loud ticking as if there was no oil "there is".
My car has a manual transmission.

You didn’t say weather you had a "rough landing." If in the process of spinning you ran over some debris or maybe a curb, you could have damaged your oil pan and lost your oil. If you haven’t already looked for that, be sure to check. A spin is a pretty wild ride and a lot of things can happen without you noticing. If the engine was stalled suddenly from speed it’s remotely possible that you damaged your oil pump, but I really don’t think that is very likely. The oil pressure sending units on the ZX are pretty notorious for failing but that wouldn’t explain the new ticking noise. Before you operate the car again it is important to verify weather the car has oil pressure and that is usually done by hooking an auxiliary gauge to the engine. If you contact your mechanic they can send a technician to your home or office to check out your oil pressure problem and tell you what needs to be done about it.

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