Q: What's is the easiest way to remount the engine to transmission when putting new one in? 2003 Jeep Liberty

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I'm having issues getting engine to line back up with transmission and when I get it lined up I'm having issue closing gap between the two to bolt back together
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there - the biggest priority in re-assembling the engine to the transmission for a car with an automatic transmission is that the torque converter is installed FIRST in the transmission, and is completed seated into the transmissions fluid pump, not just aligned on the drive splines on the nose of the transmission. Where the torque converter slides into the input shaft seal, there are 2 drive tabs on the back side of the converter drive tube that must align with the pump properly, or the pump is damaged, and the engine will not assemble completely to the transmission bellhousing. You can usually feel 2 "thunks" as the torque converter slides into the transmission and seats correctly into the pump.. Take it out and do it again (this is an easy hand operation) if there is ANY doubt. The torque converter drive lugs (where the engine flexplate is bolted to the engine-side face of the torque converter) should be recessed from the mating surface of the bellhousing by an inch or so. Then, hand-align and wiggle the engine to the transmission bellhousing, and hand tighten a couple of bellhousing bolts evenly to keep them aligned as they snug up to each other. You should be able to turn the torque converter easily by hand at any point in this process - being careful not to slide the torque converter forward - until the engine/transmission are fully mated to each other. (If there is any resistance tightening these bolts by hand, be suspicious that the torque converter was not completely seated in the pump, pull the engine back out, and start the assembly/alignment process again.) Only when the engine/transmission bellhousing are completely snug to each other, with the torque converter still turning freely by hand, do you torque the bellhousing bolts to spec, then rotate the torque converter to align the drive lugs with the flexplate bolt holes. Install all 3 or 4 of these bolts, rotating the engine and torque converter as you go to be sure there is no binding, then torque the flexplate bolts to spec. It will be necessary to rotate the engine (clockwise, looking at the crankshaft damper) several revolutions while this process is completed.

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