Q: What is the law on underglow in wv

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Just want to know the law on underglow in wv

Hello, thank you for writing in. To start, we need to disclaim that we are not legal experts, but can give you some general guidelines on the subject. Each state varies rather greatly on their vehicle lighting laws, so keep that in mind when crossing state lines. In West Virginia, there are no specific laws against neon or LED under glow lights. The laws revolve around what you can not have instead. For example, they do not want any vehicles with colored lights (besides amber and white) visible from the front (colored head lights/front under glow) to be on the highways. Side/residential streets are allowed to have them however. Other laws are such that you cannot have a beam of colored light projected from the vehicle more that 75ft, and that you cannot have any flashing lights on the vehicle. You may want to do some further research, but you will want to talk to your LOCAL authorities or body shops to get the right information. The police are typically very open to talking to you about this kind of stuff if you simply go to a substation to speak with them. For more help on installing your under glow, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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