Q: What do the black and green wires go to on the turn signal switch plug

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I replaced the turn signal switch in my 96 blazer. The new switch has a green and black wire on a separate plug and I am not sure what they go to. On the old switch I took out, the same color wires were on the larger black plug that plugs into the box that you screw in have been cut by the plug. And my left turn indicator light on the dash will not blink. I have replaced the flasher Relay, Bulbs, they blink out side front and back, just the left arrow dose not blink on the dash.

My car has 167437 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

I can think of a couple of possible causes of the issue you are having. Either the part you purchased for replacement is not the exact same part that you removed or there are special instructions that go along with the new part that were not followed during the installation. Many times a manufacturer will alter a certain part years after it was introduced to make improvements to the design. Sometimes this alteration will include adding or removing wires. I would check to see if the part came with any sort of paperwork regarding its installation. This paper should explain what the extra wires are for. If you are in doubt about this repair, consider YourMechanic to come to your home or office to replace your turn signal switch.

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