Q: What do I do now that I got car started the security light won't turn off?

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My car died. I tried to jump it from another vehicle but I got nothing not even security lights or anything. Then I looked under the fuse box where the battery is and I see I have a battery that takes water. I add water and then I jumped it with the A jump box and it started but on the message center screen inside it says security and it's not turning off. So I haven't turned my car off yet I'm letting it run because I'm not sure What I should do now. It is a 2000 Oldsmobile silhouette. I just want to be able to get wherever I need to go next which may be about 30 miles away.

Hello. On your particular vehicle the security light staying on as the vehicle is running is an indication that the security system has failed and is disabled. It is common for a security light to come on after battery dies because the computer may lose its programming to the key. Reprogramming the key to the ignition should resolve the issue. I suggest having the ignition and key reprogrammed by technician to make the security light go off. With the security light being on there is a possibility that the vehicle will not restart once you cut it off. I suggest you have the vehicle fixed before you make another trip. Or you may turn the vehicle off and on a couple times to see if it will continuously start to help ease the worry about it not restarting while going on about your obligations, then have the security light addressed as soon as possible.


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