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Hello. I own a 2011 Honda Civic coup. It has 112000 miles. Ive been really good at all types of preventive maintenance over the years. Two questions...recently ive been hearing a squeeking sound coming from the engine when stopped at a light/stop sign or in heavy traffic. It goes away once i start driving. Of all the maintenance ive had done to the car; one of the things i have not had done is a serpentine belt replacement. Could this squeeking sound be the belt? Second question. Alot of the recommended maintenance which i have already done (such as coolent service, power steering service, transmission service, etc) is coming due again as the car gets more milage on it. As you know this stuff adds up cost wise, and given the fact that i probably will only keep the car another twenty thousand miles (tops), which of these services are most important, and which ones can be skipped? Thank you!

My car has 112000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The squeaking sound you are hearing is most likely caused by the serpentine belt or the pulley’s that drive the belt. In regards to routine maintenance on your Honda Civic, we have a great online tool that allows you to look up your car’s maintenance schedule. As far as which things you can put off; that’s really difficult for us to tell you; as it’s our belief that the best way to keep your vehicle running strong is to stick to the maintenance schedule as much as possible.

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